Colour me happy

Yesterday was the Color Run at the NEC in Birmingham. I had a fantastic time with my friends who hadn’t done a Color Run before. As an added bonus, the weather held out all day, as heavy rain and strong winds were expected in Birmingham during the run. The Color Run is a 5km route with five different colour stations, which are at each 1km point.

En route to the NEC

It was great to see lots of people at the Color Run. I think it’s gained popularity since I did the one in London three years ago. We had to wait for a little bit in a queue at each colour station where volunteers sprayed runners with colour powder. It was a bit windy yesterday so it was easy to get covered in flying powder while you were waiting. The colour stations were yellow, orange, blue, red and tropical at the end, which was a mixture of colours. My friends and I noticed that some people had a tye dye effect on their t-shirt. They did this by pouring water over themselves, so we decided to try it as well. It looked pretty cool!

Covered in colour after the run

I didn’t expect to do much or any running yesterday, but my friends were eager to do some running. I enjoyed it for a bit, although I’ve not done it before in short shorts! I felt quite liberating in a way, having my legs out on show while running but simultaneously, I was conscious about revealing too much (I think it was all fine!). Wearing white short shorts meant that my legs were covered in lots of colour by the end of the day.

Making my way back home

After the run there were Color Run sponsors handing out freebies. I had some Alpen granola and an orange Capri-Sun. There was also a stage set up with two presenters, who were hosting a sort of after-party, where you could dance and go crazy with more colour powder! The presenters chucked out lots of freebies into the crowd; I managed to grab a bag of Skittles and a tube of glitter face paint. At certain intervals colour powder packets were thrown into the crowd and a few moments later commenced something incredible. Everyone who had a colour packet opened them on the count of three and chucked the powder in the air. This created a colour burst, which looked amazing to watch from the oustide, and was fun to dance about in on the inside.

The front
And the back

I was knackered once I got back home; who would’ve thought getting covered in colour could be so exhausting. I had a good shower to wash out the colour. The water draining from my hair and body was certainly an array of interesting colours. The colour has washed out of my t-shirt, but my shorts are now light pink after a wash. I might wear the shorts in bed as pajamas, and the t-shirt I’d like to wear for working out and running.

In my previous post about the Color Run, I titled it ‘Taste the rainbow’, which is the slogan for Skittles. ‘Colour me happy’ is the hashtag that the Color Run is using to get people involved on social media by sharing their photos from the Color Run. It makes sense, since so many people were happy yesterday from being covered in colour.

If you’ve not done a Color Run before, I highly recommend it. It’s great fun!

Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


7 thoughts on “Colour me happy

  1. […] At the end of the course all runners received a t-shirt and a medal. I do like the t-shirt and it’s made from an ideal material for exercising. Next time I head to the gym or go out for a run I’ll wear the Iron Run t-shirt. It was certainly a very different experience, and probably one I won’t do again in a hurry; I think I’ll stick to Colour Runs! […]


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