Run round up

It only occured to me recently how many t-shirts I have from participating in runs. I like to wear these t-shirts when I’m out running or working out. On the odd occasion I’ve seen people wearing the same t-shirt as me at the gym or at the Braunstone parkrun. One example is the t-shirt from the 15km Resolution Run which I completed last month, and on the following Saturday at the Braunstone parkrun there were parkrunners wearing their Resolution Run t-shirt.

The t-shirts, along with the medals, also remind me of my achievements so far fitness wise. As a child and through my teenage years I never thought I would be able to run 15km or even be training for my first half marathon in the present day. Growing up and being told by bullies that you’re a “fat cow”, a “fat bitch”, a “fatso” etc meant that it put me off thinking that I could achieve amazing things with my body.

However, I came to realise when I started running about 2 years ago that size doesn’t matter. I remember being surprised at my first Race for Life that people much thinner than me finished after I did. What matters with running is being able to control your breathing. I was also pleasantly surprised when I started training to run 10km because I didn’t feel breathless. At school there was the perception that if you were “fat”, you wouldn’t be able to run very far because you would become breathless quickly, or almost immediately. This perception wasn’t just viewed by children, the teachers seemed to hold that view as well. I don’t know what it’s like for children at school now, but I hope physical education is a much more positive experience now.

T-shirts and medals

Starting from the left, the pink t-shirt is one I’ve worn for three Race for Lifes, the first was I walked 5km and the other two I ran 10km. The t-shirt says “Cancer, we’re coming to get you.” I received a medal after the 5km Race for Life, and a dog tag from both 10km runs (I like to wear the dog tags with my casual clothes). The orange t-shirt is my Braunstone parkrun t-shirt. I decided to buy it last year; I love it when I see people wearing this t-shirt as it makes a good conversation starter.

The most recent addition to my collection of running t-shirts is the purple Stroke Association one. Purple is one of my favourite colours, so I quite often like to wear this one. I also got a medal for completing 15km at Resolution Run, which has been my biggest challenge so far. On the far right are two t-shirts together, both from the Iron Run in October last year. The very colourful t-shirt was designed by a colleague I used to work with, and a group of us wore these t-shirts on the day. After completing a very muddy and phyiscally challenging 6km course, we were all given a meal and an Iron Run t-shirt.

I forgot to include the t-shirt from the Color Run! This is because I don’t wear this t-shirt very often, the reason being that it’s quite see through. It’s a white t-shirt which means that the colour stands out a lot more for when you get covered in coloured powder.

I feel that I’ve come a long way with my fitness since I started my blog just over two years ago. I hadn’t long started my training for my first 10km Race for Life when I decided to set up my blog. My blog has certainly helped me to keep track of my goals and fitness. I didn’t think two years ago that I would be where I am now- I feel fantastic!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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