UniSlam 2018

Check out my review of last night’s final of UniSlam 2018 at the Curve theatre in Leicester. It was a fantastic experience and an incredible night 🙂


What’s the big heel? Update #3

Check out my latest blog for Viral Feminism, which is a follow up on the story of Nicola Thorp who set up a petition against wearing high heel shoes in the workplace- the petition will be debated in Parliament on the 6th March!

Viral Feminism

Despite all of the political turmoil and unrest that is happening in the world, I recently received an email from the Petitions team of the UK Government and Parliament with some promising news. The petition set up by Nicola Thorp in May 2016, “make it illegal for a company to require women to wear high heels at work”, will be debated by Parliament on 6th March this year.

After an inquiry was made by Parliament, and a joint report was published by the Petitions Committee and the Women and Equalities Committee, it has been recognised that urgent action needs to be taken in order to improve the effectiveness of the Equality Act 2010. The act of Thorp being sent home from work for not wearing high heels was illegal however, she has not been the only person to face discrimination due to enforced dress codes. An online forum on the…

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It’s an act of life

A poem I wrote recently about how gender is a performance and the negative effects of it


We’ve all been part of the freakshow circus

officially known as gender

since the day we were born.

He’s a boy!

He’s born with a penis

so we’ll clothe him in blue

and he’ll grow up to be manly,

and we’ll tell him to

never be a sissy or a

big girl’s blouse.

She’s a girl!

She’s born with a vagina

so we’ll dress her in pink

and she’ll grow up to be

a pretty little girl,

but we’ll tell her to man up

when she’s being too much

of a girly girl.

While he plays with trucks, trains

and his macho action figures,

she plays with dolls in prams and

she helps with making the tea,

washing the pots and doing the laundry;

she’s praised ‘You’ll make a good wife one day’.

The innocence of childhood departs with the

abrupt arrival of puberty,

slapping you right in the face

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What’s the big heel? Update #2

My recent blog on Viral Feminism which follows the development of the high heel debate in the UK

Viral Feminism

It was back in May this year when Nichola Thorp set up an online petition to make it illegal for companies to require women to wear high heels at work, after she was sent home from her first day at her new job for not wearing high heel shoes. This story dominated the news for a short while, but put into perspective how UK company dress codes are outdated.

Since it was set up, the petition has received over 150,000 signatures. I signed the petition and as a result, I received an email from the Petitions team within the UK Government and Parliament. This email stated that they would investigate this petition and a forum was set up on their website, to allow people to share their experiences and views of high heel shoes as part of company dress codes. The deadline for people to make their voice heard was…

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People are quick to assume when you’re a feminist

A poem I wrote recently based on my experiences and what I’ve witnessed as a feminist; originally posted on my other blog Poclaretry


People are quick to assume when you say you’re a feminist.

They think you’re fighting for a cause that

no longer needs fighting for, because they’ll say

‘The gender pay gap is a myth’,

‘Everyone has equal rights’ and

‘What more can you possibly want?’

People are quick to assume when you proclaim yourself as a feminist.

Many believe that you hate men because

you’ve had a bad experience with a guy,

so you’re a lesbian instead and

you want to make an army of men-hating women

to get rid of all men and establish a matriarchy.

People are quick to assume when you mention that you’re a feminist.

They think that you don’t shave or wax,

so you’re lazy with appearances, or you’re a butch lesbian.

They believe that you have a vendetta against make up

and high heel shoes, basically

anything that makes women look sexy.

People are…

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It’s a confusing time to be alive

To anyone readers on my main blog who are interested in poetry, I wrote this poem last week at an open mic night called Find The Right Words (an explanation about the random topics in the poem are explained after the poem).


I finished my A levels today!

A feeling of exhilaration flowed

through me like the pouring

rain of a typical British summer.

I ran outside into the rain,

jumping up and down in the puddles,

stamping out the hate, cruelty

and discrimination which put me on

edge in the final days of my studies.

It’s a confusing time to be alive,

but I can breathe again and watch

good old Springwatch without

having my head crammed with notes

after notes after notes for exams

which are really tests of memory.

At least I can rely on Springwatch;

it never lets me down.

I can fully appreciate the hatching of

a new born chick, a rabbit

running through wild dew grass,

the beautiful wildlife and streams

and rivers which make up our country.

But it’s a confusing time to be alive.

Beauty isn’t the only thing that

flows through our land…

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What’s the big heel? Update #1

Check out my recent follow up blog on Viral Feminism about the continuing progress of women wearing high heel shoes in the workplace! If you want to have your say about your experiences of high heel shoes, then make sure to do so by 10am this Thursday! Details of how to do so are in this blog

Viral Feminism

Many of you may know about the recent story concerning Nicola Thorp, a woman who was sent home without pay from her first day working as a corporate receptionist in London because she refused to wear shoes with a heel height between 2-4 inches. Thorp set up an online petition, ‘Make it illegal for a company to require women to wear high heels at work‘. The petition has over 142,000 signatures.

I signed the petition because I believe it is sexist and outdated for companies to make it a dress requirement for women to wear high heel shoes. The only reason I see for making women wear high heels within the work place is to look attractive, which is not a requirement for work.

I received an email recently from the Petitions team within the UK Government and Parliament, titled ‘MPs to investigate high heels petition‘…

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