We all need to eat food to survive; that’s a fact, a basic human instinct. While it is essential, food can be eaten in so many different ways to make the activity of eating more exciting and vibrant.

I love food. I never miss breakfast (we all know it’s the most important meal of the day) and consume three meals a day. I have small snacks in between mealtimes, ranging from aiming to achieve the 5 a day to the sweet treats jampacked with sugar.

I currently live back at home with my parents and do a lot of the cooking. I enjoy it and find it relaxing after a busy day. While we have, what I will call ‘stock meals’, meals that are generally eaten once a week such as bolognese, curry and roast dinner, I like to aim for variety and try new things in order to make eating fun and exciting, such as experimenting with different ingredients in ‘stock meals’.

When I started my blog in March 2015 I was practising being a vegetarian. This was because it was lent and I decided to give up meat for the first time. I posted a lot of homemade vegetarian recipes, trying out dishes unfamiliar to me such as stuffed peppers, stuffed butternut squash and stuffed sweet potato skins. I ate a lot more fish than I normally would as a substitute for protein, and I learnt about the wide variety of beans that exist, including cannellini beans.

I need to make stuffed sweet potato skins again!

Since the end of lent, my meat intake has reduced. I try to aim to have only one meal a day which contains meat, which is normally at dinner time. I opt for tuna and mixed bean salads for lunch and generally have only one fry up breakfast a week.

I am working on becoming a healthier individual by making better food choices, reducing my consumption intake, eating at a slower pace etc. It is difficult when you live in a society where it’s so easy to grab a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps, feeling more satisfied than you would from eating an apple or a bunch of grapes. However, this satisfaction is only temporary. Eating healthily is much more beneficial for the long term and makes you feel better about yourself.

This blog offers homemade recipes, mostly vegetarian but also meat based, with photos of them being made at different stages. While the majority of them aim to be healthier options, there is the occasional sweet treat or indulgent main. As they say, you have to treat yourself now and again.


Happy reading and blogging!
Many thanks,

Clare Bear