100 Day Challenge: Day 65

I thought I’d weigh myself this morning as I am going away for the Easter weekend. I’ve lost one pound since last Saturday so I currently weigh 17 stone and 6 pounds. It’s slow progress considering I have 35 days left to lose at least another stone, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

The slight shift in weight would have been helped by going to the gym yesterday morning. I tried using the cross trainer again as the cardio equipment has recently been updated; unfortunately it’s not really an upgrade. I don’t like the new cross trainers and don’t feel comfortable using them. They don’t feel very secure, so I completed 0.5km on the cross trainer and then ran 4.5km on the treadmill, making a total of 5km.

Even though I’ve said many times before that I don’t like running at the gym, it feels good to be running again. I’ve not been out running like I used to when training for my first half marathon, but I haven’t lost my edge. I must try to go out running more often as it’s been a long time since I last went out for a run. I’m taking my gym kit with me this weekend so I will aim to go out for at least one run over Easter.

I’m absolutely amazed at the amount of sponsorship I have received since starting my weight loss challenge. So far I’ve raised £665 for Action on Hearing Loss! If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my Just Giving page.



Thank you to everyone for your support throughout my challenge; I’m determined to lose more weight and achieve my goal by Thursday 23rd May!

Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


100 Day Challenge: Day 62

Last week I was thrilled that I finally lost one stone since starting my 100 Day weight loss challenge. I’m mildly thrilled this week as I have maintained, which is better than putting on weight. However, I am very conscious that time is running short to lose at least another stone. When I first started my challenge it felt like I had lots of time, but with the end of my challenge drawing ever closer, it’s becoming a bit scarier as each day ends.

It took me a while to lose my first stone which is good in a way, as it means I am more likely to keep this weight off. If you lose weight too rapidly, you are more likely to put the weight back on.

I am still being good during the working week, and have even started enjoying a new healthy snack at work – carrot sticks and hummus. I love hummus and apparently it’s a ‘good’ form of fat. To be honest hummus is just a blend of chick peas with flavourings like lime juice, sesame seed paste and garlic. I ought to have a go at making my own hummus.

During the weekend I enjoyed a meal out at one of my favourite restaurants, Wagamama’s. I would say it’s a healthy-ish alternative as the food is cooked fresh although the salt content could be high due to oils and various flavourings (I did feel rather thirsty after my meal, which usually happens when I’ve had salty food). I had ramen with beef brisket and a tea stained egg, which was delicious.

I am thrilled to say that I have raised £530 so far for Action on Hearing Loss which is absolutely fantastic! I recently updated my family and friends on my progress and have received more sponsorship as a result. It really does help me to stay on task and continue to find other ways of losing more weight.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear

100 Day Challenge: Day 55

I’ve finally gone and done it – I’ve lost one stone! I was absolutely thrilled on Saturday morning when I put my feet on the scales, which read 17 ½ stone. This means I lost two pounds last week and have finally lost a total of 14 pounds.

I went to the gym after work on Friday which would’ve helped with shedding the pounds last week. I mentioned recently that the cardio equipment has been updated, meaning that the cross trainer I became accustomed to completing an intense workout on has gone. I tried one of the new cross trainers but didn’t find it very comfortable, so I only did five minutes then I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill. I will have to try the cross trainer again next time I go and find what works for me.

I had another busy weekend involving fitness and food (well, mostly food). On Saturday I went to Tewkesbury to sing in a concert at the abbey. I set off early and had breakfast at a lovely little café called Tilly’s. It was the best breakfast I’ve ever had out and it set me up for the rest of the day. You can see in the photo below how big the breakfast was, but it was so tasty and cooked fresh.

Monster Breakfast!

Before the rehearsal for the concert I had an explore around Tewkesbury. I walked around the town and along the river, and then around the abbey. A little bit of shopping was thrown in the mix as well! I love exploring and Tewkesbury didn’t disappoint with its vibrant history and quaint original buildings. The abbey was stunning as well, with a fantastic acoustic which made the concert a success.

Tewkesbury Abbey

Sunday was by no means a day of rest after a busy Saturday of exploring and singing. Yesterday I went to Warwick to meet up with one of my university friends. We had a look around Warwick and spent most of the day at Warwick Castle. Despite not being too far away from Warwick, I had never got round to visiting the castle. My love of exploring complements my love of history, so my friend and I had a great time walking along the top of the castle and around the grounds.

Warwick Castle

After lots of walking around the castle and town, we went to a Thai restaurant called Giggling Squid. My friend loves Thai food and I don’t very often have it, so we decided to try this restaurant we found. I never knew Thai tapas was a thing until yesterday. I had a selection of Thai delicacies which consisted of a mild chicken curry, lime and chilli beef, salt and pepper squid and jasmine rice. We also had some prawn crackers and spring rolls with sweet chilli dip on the side. The food was delicious – I must find my nearest Thai restaurant!

Thai tapas

I’m now over half way through my weight loss challenge with just over six weeks to go! It’s a scary thought but with perseverance and support, I’m sure I will lose at least another stone by Thursday 23rd  May.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂

100 Day Challenge: Day 50

I’m half way through my 100 Day Challenge! It’s scary to think that it’s already been just over seven weeks since the start of my weight loss challenge. My challenge is to lose two – three stone within 100 days. I’m close to having lost one stone, with just two pounds left to go so I’m currently at 17 stone and 9 pounds.

I weighed myself this morning with the hope that I would be at 17 ½ stone, but I’ve maintained which is better than putting weight on. I’ve been weighing myself on Friday or Saturday morning, so my next check in will be this Saturday. Hopefully I can lose two pounds within three days!

I’ve still been walking around 4.5 miles a day, which includes several inclines and walking at a decent pace as well to get my heart rate going. I’m also aiming to opt for healthier options during the working week, eating fruit as snacks and I’m still consuming my food at a normal pace rather than how I used to.

The fundraising is going well; I’ve raised £365 in 50 days, which I’m very pleased with! I decided that my 100 Day Challenge would be in aid of Action on Hearing Loss. Receiving sponsorship for shedding pounds is motivating me to carry on, even when I am finding it challenging some weeks (but then it wouldn’t be a challenge, would it?)

I’d like to say thank you to everyone for your support throughout my challenge. I’ve had positive messages which entice me to keep on going. My current commute to work means I have significantly less time in the evenings than my previous job, so it’s proving more difficult to fit the gym in.

However, one thing I am very good is adaptability, hence why I have cut out a train journey and opted to walk 35 minutes instead to the office. In a few weeks’ time I will be working one day a week at home, which will make it a lot easier to fit in the gym. I’m due to go to the gym on Friday after work, which will hopefully help me to reach my current aim of losing two pounds by Saturday. Let’s see what Saturday brings…


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂

100 Day Challenge: Day 48

I’m almost half way through my 100 Day Challenge… what a scary thought! I have just over 50 days to lose over a stone to reach my minimum target of two stone by Thursday 23rd May.

I’m glad to say that I lost two pounds last week, meaning that as of last Friday I weighed 17 stone and 9 pounds. That means I just need to shed off another two pounds to lose my first stone.

My weekends have recently involved indulgence but have led to either maintaining my body weight or even losing a pound or two. I’ve mentioned before that trying to lose body weight can be a mystery, which I’ve certainly encountered during my 100 Day Challenge.

This weekend I had a mixture of unhealthy foods, including takeaway pizza, chicken wings, a chilli beef hot dog and cheesey fries. I also had some drinks on Saturday night including vodka and diet coke and a bottle of rose! My stomach felt a little iffy first thing Sunday morning, which could’ve been a mixture of drinking on Saturday night and eating ‘junk’ food. I felt better after a bowl of Special K and a banana on Sunday morning, followed by a strawberry and banana smoothie later on.

If that wasn’t enough, I had one of my favourite treats to celebrate Mothers’ Day. Yesterday I had afternoon tea with my sister, mother and mother-in-law. We had a mixture of finger sandwiches with a selection on miniature cakes, and my favourite part of an afternoon tea, scones with clotted cream and jam. It was nice for all of us to have a catch up together while enjoying a traditional delight.

Afternoon tea!

So after yet another fun and indulging weekend, I’ll have to work hard again this week, especially with my goal to lose another two pounds. I have found an alternative route from the train station to work, which involves quite a few inclines and is more scenic. This route is along a canal which I tried one night after work last week. It takes the same amount of time as my usual route and in some ways it’s safer as I don’t have to cross busy roads.

I would love to wake up this weekend and read the scales at 17 ½ stone. Here’s to losing two pounds this week!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂

100 Day Challenge: Day 42

I knew this challenge wasn’t going to be an easy ride, but then it wouldn’t be a challenge if I didn’t encounter the ups and downs of weight loss. I managed to maintain last week which surprised me as I was at home unwell for a few days, but this week I really want to shift a pound or two. However, the scales might tell another story as I’ve had an indulgent weekend, but there was some exercise thrown in there too.

I went to visit one of my friends in Reading last weekend. When I haven’t seen one of my close friends for a while, I tend to associate this with treating myself. We’re both foodies at heart, enjoying the delights of eating out and trying new places. On Saturday night I had such a filthy burger, and it was so good! I ate a southern fried chicken burger, and it was the biggest piece of chicken I’ve ever had for a burger. It was covered with melted cheese, burger sauce and had two hash browns with it. The burger was also served with halloumi fries and I had a coke float on the side. I felt really full afterwards, but it was the best burger I’ve had for a long time.

Such a filthy burger!

Before going out for our filthy burgers, I had a few glasses of rose from a bottle I won at a work raffle recently. I was intrigued as the rose looked like bath lotion. My hands were covered in glitter when I took out the cork and it looked mesmerising when I poured the rose into a glass. The taste reminded me of Lambrusco and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience of trying this intriguing bottle of rose.

Interesting wine

I had many other treats during the weekend including crisps and ice cream however, I did a lot of discovering by walking. On Saturday my friend and I walked from Reading city centre to a lovely village called Sonning, which is east of Reading and lies on the River Thames. We walked along the Thames and enjoyed the fresh air from walking to a quaint village within the countryside. It took us over an hour with a few stops to enjoy the sights, and we had a gentle stroll back towards Reading.

Sonning Lock

On Sunday we decided to visit one of our friends in Oxford. I hadn’t been to Oxford before and hadn’t seen my other close friend for some time, so it was so nice to have a tour of the beautiful city while catching up with both of my friends. An added bonus was the lovely weather; the sunshine made Oxford look even more beautiful. I did a lot of walking around Oxford as well, and even went up Carfax tower to behold the sights from above.

At the top of Carfax Tower

After a lovely weekend involving a bit of indulgence, I went to the gym yesterday morning before starting work. I worked from home yesterday which made it more convenient to fit in the gym. All of the cardio equipment has been changed, which means the cross trainer I used has gone! This was quite a shock as it was a really intense workout for me however, I was getting into a routine and completing the same exercise each time I went to the gym. So it’s probably a good thing that the equipment has changed. All of the cross trainers were being used so for a change, I ran 5km on the treadmill. It had been a while since I last ran any distance so it felt good to run, despite the fact that I’m not a fan of running at the gym.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive more sponsorship yesterday, which takes my fundraised total to £245! The donations are helping to motivate me as I don’t want to let people down by not losing at two stone by the 23rd May. It’s scary to think that I have less than two months to lose at least 18 pounds… I better get my skates on and shift more pounds!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂

100 Day Challenge: Day 38

Once again, body weight baffles me. Last week I worked really hard in an attempt to achieve weight loss, but I gained one pound. Unfortunately this week I came down with the flu and had a few days off work to recover, so I was expecting the scales to show further weight gain. On the contrary, I maintained so my body weight is currently 17 stone and 11 pounds.

On Monday afternoon I felt really dizzy and by the time I got back home, my body was aching. The symptoms led me to believe it was the flu so I’ve been trying to relax and not to do much the past few days. I went out for a few walks to get some fresh air so I got a little bit of exercise. I did indulge slightly while I was off work, eating bananas and custard one night, having some cooked breakfasts in the morning and a few chocolates which my father got from work.

I’m glad to say that I feel a lot better now but I honestly thought I would’ve put weight on this week. Again I weighed myself this morning as I am away this weekend to meet up with one of my friends. I’m expecting a slightly indulgent weekend ahead but I am working from home on Monday, which gives me the perfect opportunity to go to the gym either early in the morning or after I’ve finished work.

With 62 days left to go until the end of my 100 Day Challenge, I’m feeling slightly worried about reaching my minimum goal of two stone. Once I’ve lost one stone I think I will feel more at ease. Furthermore I will be able to work one day a week at home from next month, which will make it easier to fit in the gym. In the meantime I will continue to persevere and aim for destination weight loss!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂