Technological fun

Unfortunately I was ill during the week that has just passed by. I had a cold which made me feel groggy all week and each time I coughed I sounded like I was smoking 40 a day, and it made my throat feel like razor blades. However, for the first time today, I feel human again!

When I was unwell, I spent away some of the time by experimenting with the new programme by Microsoft called How Old Do I Look? It allows anyone to use a photo of themselves individually or in a group to see how old the programme thinks you are, as well as identifying your gender. The results are rather comical!

In my case, my average age is 27 and I’m a male (I’m not revealing my real age, just yet!).

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There was one time where Microsoft got it right. The photo below is the age I was at the time it was taken, and I’m a female.

Correct age
A grand day out at the Tower of London

But then there was one time where Microsoft thought I was twice my age (and a male too)!

Twice my age
30 must be the new 15…

And my parents are doing rather well, especially my mother!

Microsoft calls a lot into question…

Technology can be used for amusement purposes, and this certainly cheered me up during the week. Something else that did was Tom Fletcher’s video of his baby son laughing at Dandelions!

During the time of feeling sorry for myself, much to my dismay, I didn’t do any intense exercise. I really wanted to go to Zumba on Tuesday morning but I really wasn’t able to go. I took the dogs out for walks for fresh air which helped out.

Despite a week of little activity, my weight stayed the same, so I’m happy with that. I’ll be getting back on track this week, since I only have two months left before the Race for Life!


Happy reading and blogging,


Many thanks,

Clare Bear