Mud, sweat and tears

Sorry it’s been a while. I went to Paris for a week and have been busy since being back on Sunday. The day before I travelled to Paris (Saturday 1st October) I completed the toughest run so far with work colleagues at the Iron Run in Kettering. It was a 6km route with lots of obstacles and we were all very muddy by the end of the course!

A handful of us from work were all raring to go, wearing our cool t-shirts designed by one of the photographers. We were also all prepared, wearing suitable clothing, trainers and gloves (I even wore two pairs of socks in case my trainers got stuck in the mud!). The organisers of the Iron Run let runners start the course in batches, so we waited for our turn to be called up to do the warm up before crossing the start line.

Iron Run t-shirt designed by a colleague at work

I started running at a steady pace until the course started to become ‘interesting’. The run went through small woodland areas, up and down slopes (many of them very steep) to large open areas where members of the public could witness people getting covered in mud.

There were plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in mud during the course. There were parts of the Iron Run where you simply walked through the mud to other parts where the mud was so thick that some people got stuck and needed help to move on. There were also large pools of mud which runners loved to jump into!

I’m clearly  not impressed :’)
That’s better!

I am with two of my work colleagues in the photos above. I ran with a mixture of my colleagues at different parts of the course which was nice. I was on my own for some parts of the run, and I even sort of joined a hen party while going round (what an interesting way to celebrate getting married!).

About half way there was a giant water slide. I went down a lot faster than I expected but it was a fun and refreshing part of the course. Everyone looked clean, until there was a lot of mud shortly afterwards! For the last half of the run there were also obstacle courses such as climbing ropes and monkey bars. I skipped quite a few of these since I don’t have much physical upper strength (I know this from my trip to Go Ape), plus I didn’t want to injure myself with going to Paris the very next day.

I was relieved when the end was finally within reach, as I was shattered and a bit cold from being wet and muddy. The Iron Run has to be one of the most challenging runs I’ve done so far. The course was physically demanding, from climbing up steep slopes and wading through mud. You had to be careful if you were running since muddy shoes on a slippery surface can lead to your bum on the floor. I fell over only once and I wasn’t even running; that was just my general clumsiness I think!

At the end of the course all runners received a t-shirt and a medal. I do like the t-shirt and it’s made from an ideal material for exercising. Next time I head to the gym or go out for a run I’ll wear the Iron Run t-shirt. It was certainly a very different experience, and probably one I won’t do again in a hurry; I think I’ll stick to Colour Runs!

Relaxing at home after a good soak in the bath

Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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