Afternoon of sophistication

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about food. I do cook on a regular basis, but I haven’t really made anything new or worthy of posting on here. However, I do have something exciting to write about in this blog.

Yesterday my mum took one of her friends, my sister and I to the Savoy in London for high afternoon tea! It was a treat for my sister’s birthday (which is in fact today) and my birthday too (mine isn’t until December). All of us were dressed in smart clothing as the Savoy is beautiful on the outside, but even more so on the inside. Expensive cars pulled up at the foyer and male waiting staff, dressed in suits and top hats, greeted us at the entrance.

Outside of the Savoy

I couldn’t get over the grandeur of the Savoy. The room where we had tea was superb, with a beautiful bird cage style seating area in the centre of the room. Even the toilets were super fancy with individual towels to dry your hands and dressing tables with mirrors.

In the centre of the tea room

As soon as we sat down at our designated table I loved the tableware. The cutlery was quite small and the tea cups were delicate. We had individual tea strainers as well and picked a tea to drink from a selection of 31 different teas! I had the Savoy breakfast tea and the rest had the Savoy afternoon tea. Both tasted nice, but I do like the taste of breakfast tea, especially the Savoy’s own one. You didn’t have to top up your own tea either; there were plenty of staff around who topped up your tea for you.

The table set ready for eating delicious treats!
Some Savoy breakfast tea to start

There were a total of three courses for the high afternoon tea: a selection of finger sandwiches, scones with lemon curd, clotted cream and jam, and a tempting selection of cakes and pastries. The sandwiches were very tasty; my favourite one in particular was mozzarella made with spinach and pesto bread. I’ve never had bread like that before, it was amazing! We all asked for some more sandwiches because they were so nice. The other sandwiches were egg, ham, coronation chicken and salmon, all in different kinds of bread.

After the sandwiches, we moved onto the plain and fruit scones. They were served wrapped in a napkin to keep them warm while we were eating the sandwiches. I had never tried a scone with lemon curd before. It was delicious! The lemon curd must have been of the Savoy’s own making because it had a very creamy texture, which made it ideal for delicately spreading the curd onto the scones. I do love clotted cream and strawberry jam on fruit and plain scones, so I enjoyed that too very much.


All of us had a rest because we were feeling rather full after the scones, and yet we had another course to go! While we were resting with tea, a pianist was playing some beautiful songs in the background, which made me feel even more relaxed and immersed in the wondrous surroundings of the Savoy tea room. There were quite a few people enjoying afternoon tea yesterday, of which many were celebrating birthdays.

After a brief rest, the final course arrived. Our eyes were bigger than our bellies when we saw the selection of beautifully made cakes. I wanted to try all of them but I couldn’t (I didn’t want to ruin my experience by feeling ill later on). The cakes looked like ones I’ve seen before in French patisseries, where they look too good to eat.

The final course of sweetness!

I tried a lemon meringue, a vanilla eclair topped with lavender and a slice of Victoria sponge. The meringue had a white chocolate base around it with a light sponge inside and a tiny flake of gold on top of the meringue. The eclair was very interesting. The glazing was so colourful and the vanilla filling was very creamy. Lavender was a new taste sensation for me; I didn’t know that you could eat it! The Savoy’s Victoria sponge was light, fluffy and sweet with a rich buttercream layer.

It felt like I was in heaven for the afternoon; you could’ve been anywhere in the world. The experience of having high afternoon tea at the Savoy is one I will never forget! I do enjoy a good afternoon tea, and yesterday’s was by far the best one I have had so far.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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