Dissertation done!

After spending four months of research, planning, meeting my supervisor, writing, editing, and proofreading, I handed in my dissertation today!  It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders once I gave it in at the English office. I also felt a sense of relief as part of me still can’t believe that I managed to write 15,000 words over the period of the summer months, when for the past eight years I have gone away travelling with my dad, but instead I went away for two short breaks and spent the summer working part-time as well as writing my dissertation. I’ll admit, I am proud of myself!


I got to the university library for 8:15 this morning, ready to proofread my dissertation for the final time before submitting it to the bookshop for 10am to get it bound. Even though I gave myself a week to re read my work, I still made a few tiny tweaks today, which meant that I had to change the page numbers for a few references in my chapters, which I didn’t realise until I had printed off one copy! I only had to reprint a couple of pages, and then I printed off two more copies of my dissertation, since I had to submit three copies to the English office (a total of 153 pages!!!).

I collected the three copies of my dissertation at 1pm, and I was amazed at how professional the final piece looked. I thought that I had to ask for plastic binding, but it turns out the English department wanted MA dissertations ‘perfect bound’. This meant that my dissertation looks like a book, which is pretty cool (see how nice it looks in the photo of me holding it!). It made me feel proud to submit it, a bit like submitting a PhD I guess.

Overall I have enjoyed the experience of a dissertation at Masters level. As I have mentioned before, I am still undecided on whether to do a PhD. I will see what result I receive for my dissertation and my Masters overall, and I will keep in mind my current idea, which is to promote the works of Wrenne Jarman.

I definitely feel that I am more specialised in English Literature at a greater level from studying an MA, and I found out during my MA that my specialism is contemporary literature. If I had known that before I studied an MA, I would’ve chosen the MA in Modern Literature which the University of Leicester offers, but I do not regret picking the MA in English Studies. The course offers students the chance to study literature from the Medieval era through to contemporary, and to pick an area of their choice when writing coursework. I enjoy a variety of literature from different time periods, so I thoroughly enjoyed the course.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


7 thoughts on “Dissertation done!

  1. Half marathons, researches, dissertations, writing, editing, proof reading etcetera. You are as hardworking as an ant. Congratulations! I think that specializing in one period of literature will offer you more chances of employment that having a degree in general literature. In the end what will matter is whether your degree will give you a chance of working in the field that you like, therefore the more specialized you are the better it is.

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