Update #27

It’s almost been a month since I last posted blog, which is the longest time I’ve not written a post for! This is due to many things, including the hot weather. I’ve been feeling pretty tired for the last few weeks, due to it being muggy during the night. I shouldn’t really moan about the long spell of hot weather we’re having in the UK, but it does make it difficult sleeping at night and it’s not fun being in the office when it’s so nice outside. Although around this time last year, I wrote an update about what I got up to, rather than focusing on the topics I normally blog about.

For example, I went to the Caves of Nottingham last weekend with a group of friends. It wasn’t quite what I expected- the tour didn’t take that long but the history was very interesting. I didn’t know that the caves were man made, and that people took refuge inside the caves during the Second World War. It was also a great way to cool down with it being so hot outside. After the tour of the caves I visited Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem, the oldest inn in England. Just by Nottingham castle, it was very quirky inside and I had a lovely pub meal, which was beef and bone marrow suet pudding.

Ye Old Trip to Jersualem

I also went away to Birmingham for a weekend in June with my boyfriend, which was really nice. We had a look around some of our favourite shops in Birmingham, had a very tasty meal in a Brazilian restaurant in the Mailbox, and visited the SeaLife centre. It was during this weekend that England played a match as part of the World Cup. I’m not a football fan, but it was funny to hear people cheering throughout Birmingham when, I’m assuming, England scored a goal (or penalty).

Despite the fun stuff I got up to, last month was actually quite stressful for me as my car failed its MOT. I should’ve known this day was coming soon, as my car was 17 1/2 years old and had been making rattling noises for quite some time. Although earlier this year my car survived a trip to the Peak District, driving in hazardous conditions and almost getting stuck in a blizzard. The costs of the repairs would’ve been more than the value of the car, so it was time to invest in a new car.

For two weeks it felt like I had lost an arm. Since I still live with my parents, my car is a form of independence for me, so having to rely on lifts to work felt horrible for me. I am grateful for my parent’s support during this time, and they also helped me with selecting a new car and sorting out insurance. I have had my new car for just over two weeks now, and it’s beautiful to drive. I now have a radio that works, and air con which couldn’t have come at a better time. I am now the proud owner of brand new Hyuandi i10!

My beautiful new car!

While I was car-less, I went to Torquay for a weekend conference. I have mentioned before on my blog that I am a member of a friendly society, which I have done a lot of fundraising for. Running my first half marathon last year was in aid of the society’s chosen charity, the Association of Air Ambulances. Once a year around June, the society holds it’s annual AGM where members from around the UK attend. It was a great opportunity to meet members I hadn’t met before, and learn more about how the society works. There was also a presentation by a representative of the Association of Air Ambulances, which was insightful into the fantastic work they do. I had a little bit of spare time to explore Torquay, but I would love to go back to see more of the lovely seaside town.

You can see now that I had a very busy month. I wanted to write a blog one weekday evening, but I’ve been feeling tired after work and have been practicing solos for a concert I’m singing in tonight (which I’m feeling very excited and nervous about!). I will try my best to write some more content this month, although I am off to Spain for two weeks soon so I will be getting myself ready for that!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


Auntie Clare Bear

A huge congratulations to my sister and brother in law on the birth of their child! I am now officially an auntie! 🙂

My nephew was born in the early hours of yesterday morning. I was eager on Friday night and my brother in law kept me updated. I woke up yesterday morning to be greeted as auntie Clare, and then I referred to my parents as grannie and grandpa! We were all thrilled when we heard the news and saw the first pictures of the new addition to the family.

There is no doubt that I’ll spoil my nephew with all of the love he deserves. I’ve yet to meet him, but hopefully I will either later today or tomorrow.

It feels strange when people call me auntie Clare, but it has a certain ring to it and I’m looking forward to spending time with my nephew and see him grow up. What a great way to start off the New Year!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂



I’m absolutely delighted to announce that I now have just over 100 followers on my main blog!

Blogging has to be one of the best things I have ever decided to get into. I remember wanting to start one while I was an undergraduate university student, but I didn’t know where to start or what to focus my blog on. I finally set up my blog in March last year when I was training for my first ever race, which was the 10km Race for Life in Leicester on 5th July 2015. I originally set up my blog to keep track of my progress and also post vegetarian meals (I was abstaining from meat at the time since it was lent). I was also interested in posting blogs about feminism and contemporary issues surrounding sex and gender equality.

It was then in August that I decided to change the tag line of my blog from ‘Ey up’ (a colloquial phrase used in Leicester and the Midlands) to ‘Feminist Fitness Foodie’. I then set up a separate blog for my poetry on ‘Poclaretry‘ in December 2015 and became a guest blogger for ‘Viral Feminism‘ at the start of this year. I also set up a Facebook page very recently called Clare Bear, where I post my newly published blogs.

One of my main reasons for blogging is because I love writing. I like to write about topics related to my tagline and hopefully inspire or enlighten people. I’ve certainly been inspired and enlightened by the great amount of talent from bloggers on WordPress.

Blogging is also a brilliant way of keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world. You get to read personal and genuine accounts of people’s lives from all over the world, and engage in debates about various topics. I enjoy getting involved in reading comments on my own posts and other bloggers’ posts and sharing opinions and views.

Writing and posting blogs has also enhanced my employability. My newly published blogs are posted on Linkedin and I sometimes receive comments from people on this form of networking. Employers have enjoyed reading my blog, and it helped me to get the job I’m currently in now as a Product Copywriter, which I’ve been doing for just over two months now.

I’d like to say thank you very much to everyone who has supported me in my blogging over the past year, my family, friends and fellow bloggers. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and comments on it. I’m also grateful for the supportive comments I’ve received and suggestions based on my posts. Here’s to another year of writing and posting blogs!

As always, happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear 🙂


Goals update #3

I’ve been enjoying the start of April, until today. I wanted to go out for a morning run before going on an old train this afternoon with some friends for a three course meal, but I threw up during the night. Today my stomach is killing me and I don’t want to eat or drink anything (I’m forcing myself to drink water). It seems I’ve caught a stomach bug, so instead of going out today, I’m chilling at home with my two dogs sleeping beside me and listening to choral music which I’m singing at two upcoming concerts. And what a better way to cheer myself up by writing a blog!

Many of you now know the drill. I set myself some goals on New Years Day and at the start of each month, I write a blog updating you all on how I’m doing in reaching my goals/resolutions.  I’ve already achieved two of my goals and am working towards my other ones.

It’s always hard to decide where to start with a blog like this. I guess I’ll start off with poetry first, as something rather exciting happened last month. I went to the monthly poetry night Find The Right Words and decided to read some of my newer works. I didn’t know until shortly before that a podcast was being recorded! This was the first time that the organisers of the event decided to record the night. The podcast is available to listen to on soundcloud, which you can find on my blog about the evening. I cringe at the sound of my own voice on a recording, but it’s so exciting for me that I’ve been recorded. The poem which you can listen to on the podcast is called ‘The time I found £45’, which is also on my poetry blog Poclaretry if you wish to read it.


I’ve definitely not met my goal of writing one poem a week. Even though I thought by setting this goal it would encourage me to write more, you can’t really force yourself to write something creative. It feels artificial and not genuine. However, walking to work the other day made me realise that one of the best ways for me to think of creative ideas is by walking. The time it takes me to walk to work allows me to think of all sorts of ideas, including blog posts. I definitely want to walk to work again very soon, especially with the improving weather conditions.

Of course walking to work more often will aid me in improving my fitness further. The walk to work is 2.4 miles, so 4.8 miles a day. Furthermore, I ran over 10km for the first time! I ran 14.5km in 1 hour and 37 minutes. Obviously I still have a way to go, another 6.5km to run the distance of a half marathon, but I am thrilled that I wasn’t struggling like I thought I might be when going past the 10km mark.

After running 14.5km

My body weight is the same story as my previous goals update. Despite eating lots of chocolate and hot cross buns, I still weigh 15.9 stone. It’s a good thing that I’ve not piled on the pounds over Easter and going to the gym/running is helping out too. Unfortunately I won’t reach my goal of losing two stone by my sister’s wedding. It’s just over two months away and losing that much weight in such a short period of time would be detrimental to my health.

However, I’m currently happy with myself. There are parts of my body which I don’t like, but I think everyone is the same in that respect. I’d like to lose the body fat/weight on my upper arms and a bit off my stomach. I love my thighs, which are probably considered large in the society in which I live since I don’t have a thigh gap, and I love my calf muscles. I also feel great when I feel my bum jiggle about while I’m running along; I love my large rear end. I feel flabulous!

Feminist wise, I’ve not done much recently. I was invited to join a facebook group which I love checking on a daily basis. It’s a group where feminists alike from all different backgrounds share their own experiences of sexism and/or gender equality, while also sharing motivational posts that feminism is still needed. I would like to write a blog about a recent internet movement where women post themselves with reasons why they don’t need feminism, which I saw on this facebook group. There are mixed views towards this, which I would like to explore in more depth.

Despite not getting any closer to my goal of losing two stone by June, I think I’m doing pretty well overall. I’d like to aim for running 17.5km this month, make a start in losing some body weight, write a feminist blog and write some poems. I also set up a facebook page last week, which you can like if you want to follow me on there too!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear

A refreshing commute

It’s almost been six weeks since I started my new job as a copywriter. It’s also been about that amount of time since I last walked to my place of work. Many of you may remember my blog on adaptability, where I explained how I’ve been having to change my lifestyle to incorporate my fitness. I previously worked in the city centre, which is over two miles from where I live, but now that I have a car and it only takes eight minutes to drive to my new location for work, it’s been more than tempting to drive to work everyday.

Driving to work doesn’t mean that I have been neglecting my fitness. I have been going to the gym in the morning before starting work, often managing to head down twice a week. I have also been going to the gym or going for a run outside during the weekends. However, I forgot how nice and refreshing it is to walk to work and back home each day.

I used to walk on average 4.8 miles a day  (24 miles a week) when I worked as a note taker in town. I did this rather than getting the bus, because catching the bus where I live is expensive, and parking is the same story. I only got the bus when I needed to get back home quickly or when the weather took a turn for the worst.

To get to my new place of work is the same distance as it is to where I previously worked, 2.4 miles, just in the opposite direction. I decided to ditch my car today and walk, as I had nothing to rush back home for and the weather was so nice this morning. It took me 45 minutes to get to work, which is what it used to take me to get into town. I also walked back home and almost got caught in some rain, but I was lucky to avoid it.

I had my headphones in and listened to a mix bag of music while walking, and my brain felt refreshed. I used to get all sorts of ideas flowing in my head when walking to work, ideas for blog posts and poetry. The music somehow helped as well, and I would often write down these ideas that magically appeared in my head as soon as I got to work.

The creativity in my brain’s getting back into gear

Since it only takes me eight minutes to drive to work in the morning, I don’t get much time to think and I’m almost always concentrating on the road. Therefore my brain doesn’t get a chance to think of anything creative. Walking on my own with music playing in my headphones seems to be the best time for me to really think about all sorts of things, including thinking deeply about my life and even light hearted stuff.

I typed down an idea for a blog on my phone when I arrived at work today. I’m hoping to get this idea posted next week; I want to spend plenty of time on it as it will be a personal blog which I hope others will relate to or find comfort in.

Now that I’ve tried out walking to work, I definitely want to do it more often if I don’t get to head down to the gym. There will be days of course when I have to drive to work because there are some evenings when I have something going on. Walking overall though will save money on petrol and like with my previous job, I’m sitting down for the majority of the day, so walking is nice to do. I still went out for a ten minute walk during my lunch break, as I get bum and sometimes leg ache from sitting on a chair all day!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear

Social media savvy

I now have a facebook page! It’s called ‘Clare Bear’ and the link is facebook.com/clarebear7femfitfood. You can also follow me on Twitter; my account name is ClareBear_7.

I decided to set one up a Facebook page after I was having a look at some blogger’s home pages. Ever since I set up my blog I have been posting published blogs on my social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. This means that my friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter and Linkedin can see my blogs and comment externally, if they do not have an account with WordPress.

However, I believe that having a facebook page as a platform for my blog will help reach out to more people who may be interested in reading my blogs about feminism, fitness and food. I enjoy writing blogs about these topics and would like to become more engaged in discussions, particularly about feminism and sex/gender equality.

The current photo cover on my Facebook page

As ever, I’m grateful for the support I’ve received from my family, friends, readers and bloggers, whether they’re part of the WordPress community or not. Setting up a blog has to be one of the best decisions I’ve made for a long time. While I mostly do it for the enjoyment of writing, my blog has helped me to understand more about people and the world and it really helped me out with my job hunting.


Thank you everyone! And as always, happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear

One year!

A year ago today my blog was born! I still remember the day when I was jogging in the early morning along the canal when it suddenly occured to me that I could blog about my ongoing training and progress for my first long distance run.


I’ve come a long way since then. While I am about a stone heavier than I was a year ago, I consider myself fitter than I ever have been. I can run 10km non-stop in over an hour (my current record is 1 hour and 8 minutes!). I still eat sweet sugary snacks and desserts but I eat far more fruit, vegetables and salad than I used to. I aim to do intense exercise twice a week, something I never thought I’d do while I was a teen. I never ever thought I could be fit.

An important thing is I feel far more confident about myself. I believe I can accomplish greater things in terms of fitness. I will complete my first half marathon this year (in October). I have debunked the myth that you have to be thin to be fit, which I used to believe as a youngster, when my PE teachers would give me lower grades for ability just because I was overweight. That is definitely not the case.

I also feel much more informed about feminism. I was a bit worried at first about posting feminist blogs and issues concerning sex/gender, but all the ones I have done so far have been well received, and have even provoked discussion amongst readers and bloggers! I find the feminist blogs on WordPress so interesting and informative, and I’ve learnt so much from them as well, such as other people’s opinions of modern-day feminism and what it means to them. The blog I am still proud of to this day is the one about body hair– this one seems to have caused the most discussion.

My blog has come a long way since day one. I’ve blogged about all sorts of stuff, such as when I was writing about my dissertation for my Masters, reviews of gigs and even nostalgic activities, from making ironing bead patterns to colouring in!

Over the year though, I have aimed to become much more refined in what I blog about, hence why I changed my orginial colloquial tag line ‘Ey up’ to ‘Feminist Fitness Foodie’. This way bloggers will know what material I post. I used to post poems onto my blog but then I decided to set up a separate WordPress site called ‘Poclaretry’.

I’d like to say a big massive thank you to everyone who reads my blog and supports me by giving me ideas to write about and general encouragement. When I started blogging I thought it would be difficult to keep it going, especially while I was studying my Masters. However, I enjoy it so much and the topics I write about are always relevant to today in some shape or form. Blogging was actually a way for me to relax while I was studying (maybe procrastination too!) and many people seemed interested in my research when I blogged about it. I’m also grateful for the advice and comments I have received from bloggers and readers during my fitness journey.

I still can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year- here’s to another year!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear 🙂