Update #8

September already?! Everytime I come round to writing my monthly update I wonder where the time has gone. August went by in what seems a blur, but I refresh my memory by looking at what blogs I published last month. Sometimes I even look through my Facebook profile/timeline to see what I’ve been up to the past month! I feel that writing a monthly update helps me to keep track of how I’m doing this year and what I’ve achieved.

I came back from a short break to Spain on the 3rd August which was lovely. I got to visit Barcelona for the first time, which I definitely need to go back to as I only scraped the surface. I did my fourth parkrun on the first Saturday of August and a professional photographer was present, so there’s a few snaps of how I look when running.

One highlight of August has to be the Color Run! I went to Birmingham with some friends to participate in the 5km run around a venue called the NEC. Getting covered in colour is a fun experience, since colour makes most people feel happy. It was my friends’ first time at a Color Run and they really enjoyed it as well.

En route home after the Color Run

Another highlight of last month is going to the Savoy near Convent Garden in London for high afternoon tea! I do love an afternoon tea. The Savoy is full of grandeur and beauty; I felt overwhelmed for a while until I relaxed into the atmosphere and enjoyed tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes. I have actually got another afternoon tea to book by the end of October, so I will no doubt post about that one in the near future.

I also got round to planning a route to train for the half marathon in October. However, I have decided not to run it this year. My preparation has been very poor and I didn’t plan my time very well at all. I decided at the start of the year to run a half marathon, so I had plenty of time to train. Sometimes I have found it difficult to find the time, since it would take me over 2 hours to run a half marathon. If I attempt to run it in October, I would probably cause myself an injury. Iwill aim to do it next year, but plan my time instead and keep my focus on training for 21km.

I have got the Iron Run coming up next month on the 1st October with work colleagues, which is a 6km course with obstacles and lots of mud. That’ll be an interesting experience, as I’ve never ran through mud before or really ran a course with obstalces. It will be an intense work out as well!

I’ve been quiet on the feminist front and I haven’t written any poetry either. I’ve been busy and more focused on other areas in my life the past month, but I do have ideas that I’d like to set in motion this month. There has been a lot in the news concerning feminism and I have some poetry ideas, which came about when I decided to walk to work this morning.

My favourite poetry night, Find The Right Words, starts again this month after the summer break. If you are interested in what I get up to poetry wise, you can check out my other blog ‘Poclaretry‘. I share poems that I’ve written and blog about events that I perform at.

Here’s to September!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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