Mix bag of a pesky dish

I haven’t posted a blog about food for a while. Rest assured, I’m still practicing eating meat only occasionally and choosing a vegetarian option more often. I must admit though, I went to a cafe yesterday with some university friends for lunch, and I had a Jamaican chicken baguette. I enquired as to what Jamaican chicken is, and I was just told that it’s sweet. I like sweet and sour chicken, so I gave it a go, and it was very tasty!

My father fancied fish for dinner tonight, so I took two white fillets out of the freezer to defrost during the day, and there were some defrosted prawns in the fridge, leftover from when my mother had some during the week. I was tempted just to poach the fish and serve it with potatoes and broccoli, but then I decided to made a great dish out of the tasty fish and prawns.

First, as I normally do for the majority of my savoury recipes, I chopped two onions and cooked in oil until soft. I then added some chopped butternut squash and cooked until it started to soften. Rather than using tinned tomatoes, there were a lot of small cherry tomatoes in the fridge. So I cut them in half and added to the pan.

Tomatoes are so photogenic!

When the tomatoes were softening, I added the white fillets which were sliced. When the fish was cooked, I chucked in the prawns and left for a few minutes.

Veggie goodness

I then added some cooked left over butter beans, the majority I had used for my salad for lunch today, and spinach, to give the dish some colour. To add a little more colour I squeezed in some tomato puree, then added a mug of water to give the fish and vegetable concoction some substance.

The dish which went in the oven while I waited for my dad to finish in the bath

I could’ve made a pasta bake like I have a few times in the past, but I decided to serve the dish alongside with some new potatoes and broccoli for a change.

I went to a shop called Dunelm Mill on Monday with my parents, as they wanted some new placemats and coasters. We have more glasses than you can shake a stick at, but apparently we had no wine glasses specifically for white wine. I had no idea such glasses existed, but we have four of these now in the house. So I had a lovely glass of white wine while I was cooking dinner (and while I was writing this blog)!

So this is a white wine glass

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,
Clare Bear


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