Savoury n’ sweet

Tonight I felt adventurous and tried out two new snacks, one savoury and the other a sweet treat. The savoury went done really well, the other not so much; I was experimenting though!

There were some vegetables that were starting to get into a ropey state and needed to be used somehow. Instead of preparing roasted vegetables to accompany dinner, I had a go at making vegetable crisps.  It had been ages since I last ate some veggie crisps and they are really easy to make.


I had some parsnips, carrots and suede to use, so I thinly sliced and placed them on a baking tray drizzled with olive oil (take care when thinly slicing vegetables, it can quite tricky). I sprinkled a little bit of salt and pepper over them, and then cooked them for about 30 minutes at gas mark 5.

… and after!

They tasted really nice, even the suede which I was a bit skeptical about. I’m not over keen on the taste of suede when it’s cooked alone, but it was great in crisp form. Generally the sweeter the vegetable, the more taste it has when they’re made as crisps.

For a few days I have contemplated making flapjacks. There seems to be an abundance of porridge oats in the cupboard, and there were some corn flakes going stale (you’ll see where this is going…).

Generally I refer to recipe books when making desserts; I feel more confident at making savoury dishes without looking at recipes and I find it easier to improvise as well. However, I tweaked a recipe greatly to have a go at making flapjacks with cornflakes and apple.

Here are the quantities I used for each of the following ingredients:

75g butter

50 g honey

100g white granulated sugar

100g porridge oats

75g cornflakes

100g freshly sliced apple

Everything in the bowl

I used honey instead of golden syrup and white sugar instead of brown, simply as substitutes for ingredients I didn’t have available. So I melted the butter, honey and sugar, then stirred it into the oats, cornflakes and apple. The mixture was then placed in a greased pan and baked for 20 minutes at gas mark 4.

I thought it had all gone so well, until I started slicing it. The flapjacks were falling apart and it was impossible to take out a full slice without it crumbling. Despite this slight hiccup, they are very tasty. It’s like eating an apple crumble, although it consists mostly of crumble rather than apple, with a bit of crunchiness from the cornflakes!

Trying to get the slices out of the tin…

Changing the ingredients in a recipe can result in mini disasters like this one, but of course I can try again and improve. The flapjack could’ve fallen apart because the apple was fresh and not dried out, or because I used white rather than brown sugar. Or maybe I need to change the quantities of the porridge oats and cornflakes.

It does actually look like apple crumble

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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