Sweet veggie potato skins

My parents have gone away for the weekend, so it was just me for dinner tonight. Like yesterday for breakfast, I wanted something different for a change to the stock meals I normally have during the week e.g. bolognese, curry, fish pie and roast dinner. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this idea earlier, but tonight I made stuffed veggie sweet potato skins, one of the best culinary decisions I have made for a while!

The sweet potato skins before going in the oven

I attempted stuffed potato skins a long time ago, which consisted of bacon and cheddar cheese mixed in with the potato. Since I’m being more veggie, I made a vegetarian option and there was a sweet potato, which was larger than all of the other potatoes currently in the house. I think that I could’ve done with a larger potato, but overall it worked really well!

I microwaved the sweet potato for 5 minutes, then popped it in the oven at gas mark 4 for 20 minutes. While the potato was in the oven, I made the veggie filling. I chopped some garlic and fried in a pan with a little bit of olive oil for a minute, then I added some small cherry tomatoes cut in half that needed to be used.

Vegetarian stuffing

When the tomatoes were softening, I added chopped chestnut mushrooms and a heaped tablespoon of chick peas. The peas helped to add some moisture, as I’ve found recently when cooking with fresh tomatoes, the dish can dry out as the juice from the tomatoes tends to evaporate. To finish off I added a small pinch of mixed herbs.

I then cut the sweet potato in half with a bread knife and scooped out the potato. I had made enough veggie mixture to fill the skins without the potato, so I left it out. After putting the mixture into the potato skins, I sprinkled some grated fresh parmesan cheese. They went into the oven for 15 minutes at gas mark 6.

The “stuffless” sweet potato

I was really pleased with how the veggie potato skins turned out. They tasted great with a haddock fishcake and some peas. I’ll definitely have to make them again when my parents are back- my dad will definitely like them!

I really enjoyed dinner tonight!

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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