Oooh, what kind of pie?

Well what do you know! This is my first food blog where I have made a dish with meat. I started blogging during lent, when I had given up meat; hence all of the homemade recipes I was posting were vegetarian. However, this pie incorporates a lot of vegetables.

Occasionally I make pies at home, when there is some leftover meat from a roast the previous day. We had a big turkey dinner for Easter Sunday, so I used some of the meat with leftover onions and leeks, with added spinach and vegetable stock.

Homemade turkey pie with mashed potato and peas

The great thing about making dishes from leftover food is how quick and easy it is. The only thing I had to cook for a bit was some extra onion and the spinach, but they did not take long. The spinach went in after the turkey had gone in, as it wilts very quickly in contact with heat.

I decided to use vegetable stock rather than meat (beef), as I used a lot of vegetables in the pie. I stirred the stock cube into 450ml of boiling water and added to the turkey and vegetable mixture; it really added a lovely flavour to the dish.

The pie filling ready to be covered by the short crust pastry

I always make my own pastry when making dishes, with the exception of puff pastry (that is something I need to make and tick off my foodie bucket list). Generally when making a pie, I prepare short crust pastry to just cover the top of the pie.

However much plain flour I use, I measure out half of the amount of fat. For example, I had 6oz flour and 3oz butter. Normally I’d use half butter and half lard (1.5oz butter/1.5oz lard) but there was only butter in the fridge (plus I couldn’t be bothered to pop to the shop!)

The pie glazed with egg wash, just before going in the oven

I’ve always been good at making short crust pastry, but rolling it out and placing it on/in a dish is an entirely different matter. I didn’t do too badly tonight though, as the pie went into a rectangular dish. A few of the corners had a bit more pastry than the others, but otherwise it turned out really well. I brushed over the pastry a beaten egg and pricked it three times with a fork. It then took about 30 minutes at gas mark 5/6 in the oven.

Lovely golden brown pie

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the portions came out of the dish. I’ve served up pies, lasagnes and other dishes before where all of the filling comes spilling out, but it all went smoothly. I forgot to serve some gravy with the meal, but the pie didn’t need it to be honest.

No messy serving up!

Some of you may understand the reference in the title of the blog, but for those who don’t, it is from a film called Chicken Run.

Happy reading and blogging,

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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