18km round #2

With only 42 days to go until the half marathon, I was determined to run 18km this morning. The last time I tired to run that far I experienced what many runners refer to as The Wall. I just wanted to stop running and felt like giving up, so I only made it to 15km the last time I went out for a long run.

Today was better than my last 18km attempt, to an extent. I felt great running this morning and after reaching the 10km point, I was even contemplating running 21km, the distance of a half marathon!

However, my iPod died on me. I checked the stopwatch on my iPod when it said 1 hour and 30 minutes, but a few moments later the music stopped playing. My iPod ran out of battery after I had just passed the 14km point, so I had another 4km to go without music.

It was tough as the next 2km was just a straight long path along what used to be a railway. I tried to admire the scenery, saw many cute dogs and tried to listen to the birds, but running without music is very difficult for me.

When I ran in the Race for Lifes and the Resolution Run, I didn’t listen to music as runners are normally advised not to listen to music due to the amount of people. I’m pretty sure that runners are not allowed to listen to music at the Leicester Marathon. When there are so many people though, it’s important to be aware of who’s around you and not to get distracted. I have to be careful when I’m out running as you sometimes can’t hear approaching cyclists behind you.

The atmosphere at large organised runs is fantastic though. The support you hear from other runners and spectators means that you don’t need music to motivate you. I managed fine without music at the runs I’ve participated in so far, but when I’m out running on my own, I need music to keep me going, otherwise I find it boring.

The last 4km was tough, but I finished 18km today in about 2 hours and 5 minutes. I completed my last successful 18km run in about 2 hours, so I’m pleased with my time today, since I found it difficult to run the final stretch without music.

I’m also pleased that I haven’t experienced pain in my shins for a while. I was worried about this earlier in the year during my training, as my shins were hurting which made it difficult to run long distances. I hope that the pain doesn’t come back anytime soon, especially on the day of the half marathon!

I’ll make sure that my iPod is fully charged, so that I have music for the next time I go out for a long distance run, which could be the distance of a half marathon!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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