The Wall

With just over two months to go until the half marathon, I was aiming to run 18km for the second time this morning. After taking the dogs out for a walk I geared myself up with my running shoes, headphones and water, and felt ready to complete this long distance run.

Unfortunately my run didn’t go quite as I had planned today. I felt fine at first, going along the same route I did recently when running 18km for the first time. Just as I was reaching the half way point I was feeling tired. My legs were aching slightly, and upper back started to as well, which is a first for me. I walked for a bit then started running again at a gentle pace and then gradually speeding up. However, I couldn’t keep running for very long before I had to stop and walk again.

I was struggling to keep on running and when I reached the 10km mark, I was tempted to call it a day as this point is very close to home. I decided to carry on though, maintaining a steady pace. Part of me wished that I did stop at 10km, as my right calf was starting to twinge after about the 12km point.

I persevered for a while, gently running along but then I finally decided to do some brisk walking instead.  I didn’t want to cause any damage to my calf, such as pulling a muscle. In the end I reached the 15km point of my planned 18km route, and finished in about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Part of me wonders if I experienced today what runners call the Wall. In the comedy film Run Fatboy Run, there is a scene where the main character (played by Simon Pegg) reaches a point while running a marathon where he feels that he can’t continue running. He’s exhausted and just wants to give up (although he does have an injury at this point as well, but in real life he wouldn’t have been able to finish the marathon). Despite this he manages to ‘break the wall’ and he finishes the marathon!


The Wall scene in Run Fatboy Run

It is explained in the film that runners training for a long distance race can hit the Wall at any point. I must admit, I did feel like giving up when I reached the 10km point. My legs were hurting and I felt tired, but I carried on until realising that it was for the best that I stopped running any further before causing damage to myself.

I guess that this was the first time that I hit the Wall today. Even though I didn’t want to give up after I carried on when I could’ve stopped, I was struggling to carry on. I will take this experience today as a part of my training, and that with more running planned for the next few months, I am sure that I will be able to ‘beat the wall’ and complete the challenge of running my first half marathon in October!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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