18km round #1

In three months’ time I will be running the half marathon in Leicester! I can’t quite believe how fast the time is going by, but my training is in full swing and I ran 18km for the first time today.

I was going to have a lie in this morning but my body clock woke me up at 7am, so I decided to go out for a long distance run. While the weather was a bit muggy at first (it rained later on), it was quiet which was ideal for running. There were a few runners, some cyclists and dog walkers out and about, but it’s much easier to go for a run in the early morning rather than later when more people are about.

Before 18km

Before going out I planned my route and decided to go for 18km (my next step from 15km was originally 17.5km). Once I passed the 15km mark I was entering into unknown territory, as in I had never ran further than 15km before. It felt exciting when I passed the 15km mark, even though my legs were taking their toll at this stage.

Luckily I felt no pain in my shins today, although my right hip was hurting slightly. It seems that I experience mild pain in different areas of my body in long distance running, but I guess that my body is still getting accustomed to it. I carried on and slowed down when necessary. I had to walk a bit after the 16km mark as there were some steep inclines, but then I ran the rest of the distance to reach 18km.

I forgot to set the timer on my iPod, but I ran 18km in about 2 hours. I’m very pleased with this, as I was expecting the time to be a bit longer. I’ve averaged 15km in about 1 hour and 43 minutes, so I’m thrilled with my estimated time today. The first 10km of the route is what I’ve ran when practicing for the Race for Life, so I’m very accustomed to this route and this probably helped with my time.

After 18km 😛

I probably won’t get to run 18km again now until August as I’m off to France for 12 days next Saturday, but I am so glad that I’ve achieved the next step of my training. Once I’m back from France I will run 18km again, maybe even a few times so that I become accustomed to that distance. Then the final step of my training will be 21km, the distance of a half marathon!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


4 thoughts on “18km round #1

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