StrEAT Life Festival

Sorry that it’s been a while since I last posted! I’ve been rather busy with various things recently, including the content of this blog. My next blog will of course be my monthly update, so I wanted to squeeze in one more blog before it’s June tomorrow!

The recent Bank Holiday weekend has been one full of good food (not all of it necessarily healthy!). I went down to London for the weekend and met up with one of my university friends and one of their friends on Saturday. Before I met up with them though, I was given a recommendation to try Edith’s House, a quirky cafe in Crouch End.

I needed a cool drink like a frappe or a milkshake, so I tried an apple pie pudshake. It was a milkshake full of ice cream and topped with thick whipped cream, and it tasted like an apple pie. It was very tasty, but also very filling! I had a 20 minute walk though, mostly uphill, which helped to ease my stomach a bit when I made my way to meet my friend.

Apple pie pudshake

The 20 minute walk from Edith’s House in Crouch End was to Alexandra Palace for the StrEAT Life Festival, a food and drinks festival which I also went to at the same time last year. The weather was glorious all day and I caught the sun (a bit too much on my back, but it’s tanned now). There is a lovely grassy area by the palace where most people relaxed during the day.

I wasn’t naked! I was wearing a crop top

After debating on what food to have, as there was a lot to choose from, I had a Greek BBQ pork and halloumi wrap with salad and a yogurt and mint dressing. It was delicious! I love Greek food so I was pleased to see a stand called ‘Greek Expectations’. My university friend had a Caribbean meal of exotic fish and rice, while his friend had some paella. It was nice that we all tried something different; we all wanted to try something that we don’t have on a daily/weekly basis.

Greek wrap

I also had an ice cream and a churro filled with banana custard, which were both delicious. I felt very full by the early evening, but pleasantly so.

After a lovely catch up and a day of hot sunshine, and as if I hadn’t already eaten enough food, I had an afternoon tea the following day! This was at a hotel in Enfield, in aid of a charity called Canine Partners. After an exciting magic card show, everyone had some afternoon tea. There were nine people at my table and there were plenty of sandwiches, cakes and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I love a good afternoon tea, and this one was superb.

This wasn’t all for me!

And as if afternoon tea wasn’t enough, I had fish and chips on Monday in Cromer! After the afternoon tea I went to Cromer to meet up with my family who were camping there. I stayed overnight in a hotel with my mother (she doesn’t do camping) and we spent the day in Cromer the following day. When you go to the seaside in Britain you have to have fish and chips, and in Cromer the best place is Mary Janes. The fish was beautiful and the batter and chips weren’t too greasy.

Yummy fish and chips

I dread to think how many pounds I’ve put on over the weekend, but the food was worth it! I rarely eat food like this over a period of a few days and I enjoyed myself, which is the most important thing.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂



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