No turning back

I’ve gone and done it… I’ve just signed up and paid for my entry for the Leicester half marathon!

The Leicester marathon takes place on Sunday 15th October and there’s the option to do the half marathon. I’m definitely not fit enough to do the full 26 miles, but I’m in the process of training to run 13 miles.

Now that I’ve signed up, this will make me feel even more motivated. Running a half marathon is the next step and biggest challenge in my fitness journey so far. I’ve managed to run 15km, which was at the Resolution Run a month ago. I need to run 15km a few more times and then I will step up my game to 17.5km. Then I will run 21km, aka 13 miles. Ideally I’d like to run the distance of a half marathon before the 15th October.

I would also like to raise money for charity. I’m still in the process of choosing which charity to support, but I will reveal the details probably during the summer when my training is really in full swing.

With just under 6 months to go (it sounds like a long time but it’ll soon whiz by) I better get cracking with my running!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear šŸ™‚


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