Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Hope you’re all having a nice Easter, whether you’re spending time with loved 0nes, gone away somewhere for the Easter break or stuffing your face full of chocolate!

Today I’m stuffing my face with meat! Easter Sunday marks the end of lent and for the third year running, I have given up meat. This morning, as I did last year, I had two hot cross with streaky bacon for breakfast. The fruity and sweet flavours from a hot cross bun works nicely with bacon.

Streaky bacon in hot cross buns!

While I enjoy the challenge of abstaining from meat during lent, I couldn’t give up meat completely and become a full time vegetarian. I love the taste of bacon in the morning and lamb for a Sunday roast. I also like pulled pork in BBQ sauce on a beef burger. I could go on with what meats I like, but I do enjoy vegetarian options.

I think that next year I should try something different for lent, since I’ve given up meat for three years. Maybe I could give up bread or diet coke, as I do like my bread and drinking diet coke when I’m at home. I’ll think about it when the time comes next year. For now though I’m going to have a relaxing Easter Sunday and enjoy a lamb roast dinner with roasted vegetables later today!

Lamb roast dinner

Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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