Spanish omelette #2

I had a go at making a Spanish omelette for the first time recently. It went well, with the exception of needing a little bit more flavour (plus I cooked one side for a bit too long!). My sister and brother in law came round for a roast dinner this afternoon, which meant that I needed to make myself something vegetarian. I decided to have another go at making a Spanish omelette, but with spinach and mushrooms this time, as well as goats cheese for extra flavour.

To start off I fried some chopped red onion in a pan with butter, followed by some peeled and chopped potatoes. I cooked the potato for about 10 minutes on a medium heat, until it started to soften.

Onions and potatoes

I then added some chopped chestnut mushrooms and cooked them until they were starting to soften. This was followed by a handful of baby spinach, which I stirred into the mixture until it had wilted to a much smaller size. I then poured in 4 beaten eggs with a little bit of goats cheese.

Omelette gently cooking away

I didn’t cook one side for too long this time. After about 5 minutes of cooking I flipped the omelette over by putting it onto a plate and popping it back in the pan on the other side. After a few more minutes, my spinach and mushroom Spanish omelette with goats cheese was ready.

Omelette cooked to perfection

While my family had gammon for their roast dinner, I enjoyed my omelette with some vegetables. My father suggested to add some goats cheese which I’m glad I did, as goats cheese works well with spinach and mushrooms. I enjoyed this Spanish omelette more due to extra flavour, but also because I didn’t overcook it this time!

Veggie roast dinner

Three weeks left to go until lent is over for another year. I’ve been enjoying the experience of not eating meat so far, and I still have some recipes I’d like to try out.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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