parkrun #14

It was a beautiful start to the day, so I couldn’t possibly miss out on doing a parkrun this morning. It’s been over a month since I last did a parkrun, the last one being my personal best so far. I’ve been busy the past few Saturdays, but I’m so glad that I achieved another personal best today at my 14th parkrun!

I completed 5km in 32 minutes and 1 second, which is 18 seconds faster than my previous personal best. I felt pumped up this morning, which I think might have been due to the fact that I ran 15km at Braunstone Park last Sunday at the Resolution Run. 5km felt like a piece of cake to me today and I was ahead of runners who I’m normally behind and follow to the finish line. I ran up the dreaded slope halfway through the course and didn’t stop to walk at all during the 5km course.

I felt great running across the finish line, and I knew that I had done well today when I saw queues of runners waiting to get their barcodes scanned. Normally when I finish the queues aren’t very long at all and sometimes I get my barcode scanned immediately. I was glad for a queue actually this morning as I needed to catch my breath a bit from running at a faster pace.

I saw a few runners today wearing their Stroke Association t-shirts from last week. I decided to wear mine today- it’s a comfortable fit and is made from soft wicking material, so I don’t feel the sweat as much.

I mentioned in one of my posts in the New Year that I might reach the 50 parkrun mark this year. I don’t think I will, but I’d like to reach 25, which means only 11 runs to go! There have been a few Saturdays recently where I’ve been out for long distance running in order to train for the half marathon coming up in October. I’ll still keep up the parkruns when I can, but there will be some weekends where I need to go out for much further than 5km.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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