15km (round 1)

I participated in the Resolution Run today, which was organised by Stroke Association. I ran 15km for the first time and finished in 1 hour and 38 minutes! This was a time that I didn’t expect; I thought it would’ve been at least 1 hour and 45 minutes, maybe even 1 hour and 50 minutes.

At home with a 15km medal after completing the run

The run took place at Braunstone Park, which is where I do the parkrun on Saturday mornings (when I make it out of bed). Runners could choose either 5km, 10km or 15km. The route was a 5km lap, so you completed the course twice if you were running 10km, and three times for 15km.

Despite the Resolution Run being held at Braunstone Park, the route was very different to the parkrun and there was a lot more to the park than I realised. The route was also a lot more challenging, with several slopes to run up, even at the very start of the route. There was one slope during the course that I struggled to run up on all 3 laps, so I took my time and walked briskly up it. It was also quite a muddy slope, so I didn’t want to fall over.

By the third lap, I was struggling. My legs were aching and my face was sore from the wind. It was rather windy during the run, and runners were most exposed to the wind across open areas of the park. I had to walk for a bit as a stitch started to develop on my right side. After a short walk and some encouragement from volunteers, I started to run again and managed to push through the final 2.5km.

I think there were around 400 people at the Resolution Run today, which is fantastic. Before the run started a volunteer from Stroke Association said a few words about the charity. She survived a stroke attack 10 years ago and is grateful for the work that Stroke Association does. She applauded runners as they crossed the finish line and presented all participants with a medal, according to which run they had completed. The volunteer gave me a medal and a handshake, thanking me for participating in the run.

Even after a bath and some chill time this afternoon, my feet and legs are still aching a little bit. I’m still surprised that I completed 15km in the time that I did, considering all of the slopes during the course. It was also the first time I ran this far, recently running 12.5km as part of my training for the Leicester half marathon. This is the main reason why I signed up for the Resolution Run, so that I could take the next step in my training from 12.5km to 15km.

I don’t think I’ll complete the half marathon in the time that my father did when he used to run. He ran it in 1 hour and 38 minutes, the same time I completed 15km today (so 6km behind!). My father used to run a lot though, as well as play rugby and box. However, I’m not concerned about that. I just want to be able to complete a half marathon, and further prove that you don’t have to be thin to be fit.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


8 thoughts on “15km (round 1)

  1. […] I arrived in plenty of time for a 9:15am start (I had to go to the toilet three times due to nervousness!). It was amazing to see so many people wearing different t-shirts showing the cause that they were running for, including Macmillan, Cancer Research, LOROS and Marie Curie. I saw a few people wearing local air ambulance t-shirts as well. I could’ve worn one, but I’m raising money for the Association of Air Ambulances so it’s for all air ambulance charities across the UK. In the end I borrowed one of my dad’s t-shirts, as I only have t-shirts from previous runs, including Race for Life, The Colour Run and The Resolution Run. […]


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