Update #14

Hello March! Where did you come from? I found that February went by quickly, as I was fairly busy (plus it was a shorter month, only by a few days). I was very active on my blog last month, in particular focusing on fitness.

I’m glad to say that 2017 has been a pretty good start for me fitness wise. February went really well, as I completed two parkruns and achieved my personal best in my 13th parkrun. My personal best is now 32 minutes and 19 seconds. I also ran 12.5km twice around my local area. Both runs were challenging as I ran across wet and muddy fields, and my most recent 12.5km run was rather windy. I got my first blister as a result, which is healing up now and I should be ok to go out running again soon.

I signed up for the 15km Leicester Resolution Run, which is taking place at Braunstone Park on Sunday 19th March. I decided to sign up for 15km because it will be a good motivator for me in my training for the half marathon this October. Plus it’s the next step in my training from 12.5km. I received my t-shirt for this run through the post yesterday. Purple is my favourite colour after red, and it’s lightweight and soft, which will be great for future workouts and runs. The run is in aid of Stroke Association, a charity which helps people who have survived from stroke attacks. If you’d like to sponsor me you can through my justgiving page.

T-shirt for the Resolution Run

I invested in a pair of headphones last month which are designed for working out. I have worn them for both 12.5km runs and they work really well compared to the other headphones I used to wear which completely covered my ears. The new headphones clip round the back of my ears and are sweat resistant, which is ideal for long distance running.

I wrote my 3rd update for Viral Feminism on the subject of high heel shoes and dress codes in the workplace. Nicola Thorp’s petition is being debated in Parliament on the 6th March at 4:30pm, which is fantastic news. I work til 5pm and have choir practice in the evening on that day, so here’s hoping that I can catch up with the debate. You can watch most programmes now on some sort of catch up or player. In total, 152,420 people signed the petition. This clearly indicates people’s concern for this issue, and many women sent in their responses to the Government about their experiences of enforced dress codes and the damage inflicted from wearing high heel shoes for long periods of time.

Lent started yesterday, which means I am not eating meat now until Easter Sunday, which is on the 16th April. This is my third year of abstaining from meat and I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of not eating something which I have quite regularly.

It looks like I have another busy month ahead, covering all of the topics I write about on my blog. It also won’t be long until I set up my blog two years ago (5th March 2015)!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear đŸ™‚


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