Resolution Run

While lying in bed on Sunday morning scrolling my Facebook news feed, something caught my eye. One of my friends had shown an interest in an event called the Resolution Run. I decided to have a look and it turns out that the run is at Braunstone Park, where I participate in the Braunstone parkrun.  On Sunday 19th March, the Leicester Resolution Run is taking place at Braunstone Park in Leicester, which has been organised by a charity called Stroke Association.

There are three options for the Resolution Run: 5km, 10km or 15km. As soon as I saw the latter option, I decided to got for it. I will be running 15km in less than 3 weeks time!

So far in my training for the half marathon, I have reached 12.5km. If I don’t get the chance to run 15km beforehand, the Resolution Run will be the first time that I run 15km. I thought that by signing up for this run, it will be a good motivator to continue with my training. Also I am fairly familiar with Braunstone Park, so I will roughly know what to expect on Sunday 19th March in terms of the route.


Stroke Association provides support to survivors of strokes, so that they can have a decent quality of life. My grandfather died from a stroke 15 years ago and I know of friends of my parents who have suffered from strokes. If you would like to sponsor me, you can do so through my JustGiving page.

This will be my biggest challenge yet in terms of fitness. As I’ve mentioned before, I am determined to run a half marathon this year. Completing the Resolution Run will be a good motivator and an indication of how I will cope with 15km.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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