12.5km (round 2)

I was going to run at the Braunstone parkrun this morning, but it was cancelled due to the peril of Storm Doris which battered the UK on Thursday. The volunteers said there were damaged trees and branches obstructing the route, and that the safety of the parkrunners is crucial. The Leicester Victoria parkrun was still on, but I will try out that one another time. I imagine it would’ve been extra busy today due to the Braunstone parkrun being cancelled.

Instead I went out for another attempt at 12.5km. I decided to change the route slightly to add some variety and try running somewhere new, but most of the route was similar to last Sunday. Storm Doris had affected my chosen route, with some fallen trees and branches all over the path, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t pass by.

I mentioned in my blog about running 12.5km for the first time that the route involved a large field which was wet and muddy. This was the same story today, and I decided to step up to the challenge again. I made it even more challenging for myself by running around other fields which were also wet and muddy.

Just to make it that little bit harder, it was rather windy this morning. This made it feel more difficult to run when the wind was against me. I ended up with teary eyes by the end of the run, as well as wet and muddy feet.

Muddy feet and legs after 12.5km

Furthermore, I got my first blister from running. I was surprised that I didn’t get a blister sooner when I took up running. It’s on the right side of my left foot, but it’s not too bad really. I think it was caused from running in wet shoes, as I did feel some friction in the same area last week, but a blister didn’t form. I should probably not run so much in wet fields. It will be nice when it starts to warm up and the fields aren’t so wet.

But other than all of that, I felt good about myself once I got to the end. I finished 12.5km today in just under 1 hour and 31 minutes. This is a few minutes slower than last week, but the route was slightly different and I had the wind against me. So I think I did pretty well today. I will probably run 12.5km again in the near future before attempting my next target, 15km!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


3 thoughts on “12.5km (round 2)

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