parkrun #13

There was a bit of a delay in writing this blog but due to the volunteers of the Braunstone parkrun, I now have my time for my 13th parkrun, which I ran on Saturday 18th February.

After I finished the parkrun I went to one of the volunteers to get my barcode scanned. It didn’t work for a while, and then the volunteer and I thought after several attempts it worked. Unfortunately my barcode didn’t scan but I did remember what place I finished in from the token I got at the end. I came in 311th place. I looked at the results page and from looking at the time for 310th place and 312th place, I achieved my personal best!

I really wanted my time for this run since I achieved a time between 32 minutes and 19 seconds and 32 minutes and 32 minutes and 23 seconds. So I emailed the volunteers of the Braunstone parkrun to see if they could register a time for me. The parkrun works on a no barcode no time policy, but I was thrilled when I received an email saying that they would sort this out for me.

I completed my 13th parkrun in 32 minutes and 19 seconds- my personal best so far! I really went for it last Saturday, running up the hill halfway round the course and pushing myself to aim for a better time than the one before. My previous parkrun was my slowest so far at 34 minutes and 14 seconds. My previous personal best was 32 minutes and 44 seconds, which I think is a decent improvement.

All of my parkrun results so far

I am really grateful that the volunteers registered a time for my run. I was worried that it wouldn’t work and that I’d lose out on my personal best, but it’s on my results now. Thank you so much parkrun! I look forward to running at my next one.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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