parkrun #12

It was freezing this morning, and it was trying to snow! Plus I felt tired when my alarm went off at 8:15am, which made it all the more tempting to stay in bed. However, I managed to get up, wrapped myself up and completed my 12th parkrun.

At first I regretted not wearing gloves. It was a while before I saw runners not wearing gloves, which made me feel a bit more relieved. I wore a jacket which was definitely needed this morning. Lots of runners were well prepared with gloves as well as beanie hats. Once you started running you couldn’t really feel the cold (I was even tempted to take my jacket off at one point).

It was my first time running in such conditions, so I wasn’t sure how well I did until I received my time. Part of me thought it would be my personal best because it was cold and many runners were trying to finish as soon as possible, so that they could get back home to warm up. The other part of me thought it would be my slowest, as I heard some runners saying that it’s difficult to run in the cold.

The latter part of me was true. I completed the Braunstone parkrun in 34 minutes and 14 seconds, my slowest time so far (10 seconds slower than my first ever parkrun in Guernsey). Once I’d got back to my car my legs were so cold. I was wearing my full length sports leggings, but maybe I need to wear another layer underneath for running in the cold. It was interesting having a shower after the parkrun, that’s for sure!


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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