What’s the big heel? Update #3

Check out my latest blog for Viral Feminism, which is a follow up on the story of Nicola Thorp who set up a petition against wearing high heel shoes in the workplace- the petition will be debated in Parliament on the 6th March!

Viral Feminism

Despite all of the political turmoil and unrest that is happening in the world, I recently received an email from the Petitions team of the UK Government and Parliament with some promising news. The petition set up by Nicola Thorp in May 2016, “make it illegal for a company to require women to wear high heels at work”, will be debated by Parliament on 6th March this year.

After an inquiry was made by Parliament, and a joint report was published by the Petitions Committee and the Women and Equalities Committee, it has been recognised that urgent action needs to be taken in order to improve the effectiveness of the Equality Act 2010. The act of Thorp being sent home from work for not wearing high heels was illegal however, she has not been the only person to face discrimination due to enforced dress codes. An online forum on the…

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