Women of the world unite

I was absolutely delighted to see my Facebook feed filled with photos of women over the weekend, protesting against the inauguration of the new US President, Donald Trump. It made me even happier to see young children and men attending Women’s marches all over the world. I wasn’t able to attend the Women’s March in London on Saturday, but quite a few of my friends went and the atmosphere looked fantastic from their photos.

I could fill this post with hundreds of photos which have made me feel many different emotions, from happiness to anger. However, I’ve managed to choose a couple which I particularly liked, and these messages have been protested all over the world.

Women at the Women’s March On London, dressed as suffragettes
Sign at the Women’s March on Washington
Another sign at Women’s March on Washington

The worldwide marches over the weekend have proven to me that feminism is still relevant today, and is still needed. The fact that people are protesting that women’s rights are human rights and that the state shouldn’t have control over women’s bodies clearly shows that gender inequality remains an important and recurring issue (hence why some women dressed as suffragettes at the Women’s March on London).

We are still a long way from gender equality if such a man as Donald Trump has managed to become the most powerful man in the world. Patriarchy continues to dominate.

I find it scary that Trump managed to get into power when he has been accused of sexual harassment and claimed that he can ‘grab her by the pussy’. I remember watching the news before the US decided who they wanted to be president, and many people in favour of Trump tossed aside these allegations, that they weren’t important- there were more vital issues at hand and Trump’s misogynist and sexist nature simply had to be ignored.

I’m wary of what the future will hold now that Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world. What will happens in the next four years, or will he even finish his period of office at the White House? He certainly needs to pull his act together to convince the millions of people who protested over the weekend that he will serve well as President of the United States.


Clare Bear


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