Comforting exercise

During my final year as an undergraduate, I used to do a workout first thing in the morning. This was when I first started to take my health and fitness seriously. I looked into stretches and simple workouts that would essentially wake me up and prepare me for the day ahead. I did these exercises in the comfort of my student bedroom, but without the comfort of a fitness mat. There was plenty of room and the floor was made of carpet, plus I would use a decorative rug to exercise on for some comfort. However, I would have been better off using a mat designed for workouts.

The other night my father diverted my attention to a supermarket brochure with weekly deals. The offer for the week just gone was fitness products, including a fitness mat. I decided to buy one of these mats as it was only £6.99 from the supermarket called Aldi. I’m glad I got the mat when I did as lots of people have been buying them (who wouldn’t? The price is pretty good! And of course, it’s the New Year).

My new fitness mat

I tried out the mat on Thursday morning when I first got up. I remembered the exercises that I used to do while at university and spent nearly 20 minutes working out on the mat. I started out with stretches on my legs and arms to warm up, then had a go at ab crunches and push ups. They were rather difficult, I must admit. I have quite the stomach and the strength in my arms is somewhat lacking. I also had a go at an exercise I hate the most- squats. They really do hurt your legs but squats are a good form of intense exercise.

The fitness mat came with suggested exercises on a sheet. I’ll have to give some of them a go, although I’m not the best at keeping my balance so I might avoid the yoga looking exercises for now.

Suggested exercises

I’m glad that I have a fitness mat now. It’s a shame that I didn’t carry on with the exercises in the morning once I returned home but the majority of the house has laminate flooring (not the comfiest of floors to exercise on). I could’ve looked into buying a fitness mat much earlier but it only occured to me recently when my father told me about them in Aldi. My plan at the moment is to do excerises on the fitness mat when I don’t go to the gym. I have some mornings where I don’t feel motivated enough to go to the gym or I just don’t want to get up earlier than I have to. So rather than missing out on exercising altogether, hopefully the fitness mat will encourage me to do some working out on those tired mornings before work and get me pumped up for the day ahead.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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