parkrun #10/update #12

I made it this time to the Braunstone parkrun this morning, unlike last week on Christmas Eve when I was hungover! It was my mum’s birthday yesterday which was a lovely night in at home and didn’t involve lots of drinking (I did eat a lot of food though!).

It has been rather cold for the past few days with frost first thing in the morning, but luckily it felt milder at the parkrun today. I did worry about slipping as it was rather damp and there were wet leaves on the path, but I didn’t slip and as far as I know no other runners did.

Before starting the parkrun I had to say hello to an adorable 16 week old Sprocker puppy! It was his first parkrun with his owner. The puppy looked knackered at the end of the run (bless him), but I’m sure he’ll enjoy future parkruns; Sprockers have plenty of energy!

I finished my tenth parkrun in 33 minutes and 1 second, 17 seconds ahead of my personal best which remains at 32 minutes and 44 seconds. I came in 299th place out of 361 runners. I’m glad to have achieved 10 parkruns this year, but I don’t get to join the parkrun club until I’ve hit the first milestone of 25 parkruns. Junior parkrunners (children aged 17 and under) have a 10 club and receive a t-shirt as well. I’ve seen a few children at the Braunstone parkrun wearing the 10 club t-shirt, which is fantastic to see.

I thought that I might as well do my last update for this year as I will be writing an overall update for 2016 very soon in the New Year. Plus I haven’t really got much to write about for my final update this year, as I’ve been busy with other parts of my life and celebrating Christmas with my family and friends.

I’ve ran 2 parkruns this December, one on the first Saturday of this month and obviously today’s. I will definitely continue participating in the parkrun in 2017. I’d like to reach at least 25 parkruns, maybe even reach 50. That would mean I need to run on 40 Saturdays in 2017, which is possible if I’m really committed (12 Saturdays off seems fair).  I’d also like to try out other parkruns, including Victoria Park in Leicester which isn’t too far for me to get to. It’s also where I’ve completed two Race for Lifes in aid of Cancer Research UK.

I managed to do some baking just before Christmas. I made a batch of mince pies which went down well and I used a beautiful mince pie dish that I bought back in January this year. I’ll have to wait until December 2017 now to use it again.

I’ve had a busy December this year, which has involved my birthday, my mum’s birthday, going out into town for drinks, meeting up with friends, singing Christmas carols for a couple of events and attending my first work’s Christmas party. I’ve also consumed a lot of food and alcohol this month, which normally happens! I’m dreading the scales at the moment, but I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. I don’t feel like I’ve put a lot of body weight on, but once I’m back into the usual routine of going to the gym twice a week, I think the excess weight will start to shift.

I am not setting myself New Year’s resolutions/goals this year, but I have one thing I’d like to achieve. You will find out very soon.


Happy New Year and as usual, happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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