Update #11

As if it’s almost the end of another year?! And as if it’s my birthday tomorrow?!! It really is true; the older you get the faster time passes by.

November was certainly a month focused on fitness. I wrote quite a few blogs about my workouts at the gym, such as increasing the intensity in cardio exercises. I also mentioned about how my progress in losing weight seems to be a slow one and how it is important to be patient when trying to shift some body weight. I did lose 2 pounds but they’ve gone back on. December is a difficult month to try and lose weight, so I will aim to keep going to the gym twice a week and do the parkrun when I’m free on Saturdays, as I usually end up pigging out for the Christmas period like most people do.

Speaking of parkruns, I ran one on the 26th November which was my eight parkrun this year. I also bought myself a parkrun t-shirt, which I like to wear at the gym and at the Braunstone parkrun. I intend to continue with the parkrun in the New Year; maybe I’ll achieve 25 parkruns. It will be less likely for me to achieve 50 as I would have to run around 40 parkruns (40 Saturdays in 2017), but who knows?

Moving onto feminism. On the 24th November I went on my second Reclaim the Night demonstration in Leicester City Centre. It was a very successful evening with a lot more people than last year participating, all united together to raise the need for safer streets at night and to highlight the negative impacts of gender inequality. There was chanting as well which made the demonstration more effective as people passing by could hear what we were marching for: ‘What do we want? Safer streets. When do we want them? Now!’

I got creative and experimental one night last month when I made some stuffed sweet potato skins. I have made them many times before, although I vary each time what goes in and how they are made. With Christmas coming up I will probably post foodie blogs very soon, including making mince pies which is something I love to do every year for the festive season.

With the end of 2016 approaching, I will write an update of the year overall, looking back over all of my updates for 2016 to see what I have achieved and how I’ve progressed. While 2016 has been quite a ‘topsy-turvy’ year with all sorts going on in the news and around the world, I think I’ve done pretty well in different areas of my life.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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