parkrun #9

It was so tempting to stay in bed this morning, but it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t particularly cold outside unlike last Saturday. The next two Saturdays I probably won’t be able to go as I’m off to London for both of those days, so I decided to run this morning. It’s like getting up in the morning for the gym before work sometimes, where I’m debating about going or not, but then I always feel better about myself when I do get out of bed and make it to the gym/parkrun.

This morning I ran 5km in 32 minutes and 55 seconds, and came in 257th place out of 299 park runners. There weren’t as many people as last week, when there were 365 runners. Looking at the history results table for the Braunstone parkrun, it’s incredible to see how the amount of people doing the run has increased greatly over the years. The first run took place on 25th September 2010 and only 54 people participated; on some Saturdays now over 400 people run!

I wasn’t too far off my personal best today. I was 11 seconds ahead of my best time which is currently 32 minutes and 44 seconds. I tried pushing myself today, running quicker at the easier parts of the run. One of my favourite parts of the Braunstone parkrun is a long path where you run downwards and I always aim to do that bit at a faster pace. You just have to watch out for the speed bumps! I had to stop once to tie up my shoe lace and I struggled with the steep slope halfway on the course, so I walked up most of it.

Only 1 more parkrun to go and I’ll join the 10 club! If I don’t go next Saturday morning on the next, I can go on Christmas Eve. That’ll be an interesting way to start off my Christmas Eve, and I’ll probably get festive and wear a Santa hat and maybe even some Christmas leggings!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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