parkrun #8

Last Saturday I ran in my eight parkrun this year. I completed the course in 33 minutes and 19 seconds and came in 287th place out of 365 parkrunners. My personal best so far was achieved at my previous parkrun which was on the 29th October, at a time of 32 minutes and 44 seconds.

I wore my new parkrun t-shirt for the first time at the Braunstone parkrun. It’s a great t-shirt to wear for running, as it’s made of lightweight fabric with wicking properties. It also feels good to wear a t-shirt which represents that I’m part of the parkrun. I wore it at the gym a few times before doing my most recent parkrun to try it out.

My parkrun t-shirt

It was also my first time running in much cooler conditions. I wasn’t prepared at all really on Saturday morning for how cold it was. All the other runners were wearing sporty jackets or long sleeve shirts. I was wearing my new parkrun t-shirt, which is short sleeved, and my Big Bang theory jacket (not the sort of jacket to wear while running!). I took off my jacket and waited eagerly for the parkrun to start, so that I could warm myself up while running. It wasn’t so bad once everyone was running. I didn’t feel the cold while going round the route, but once I was back in my car, I felt the cold again. If I’m to do parkruns with the weather getting gradually colder, I should probably invest in a sporty long sleeve t-shirt. I don’t like the idea of wearing a jacket while running; I think I’d get too hot.

I’ve not posted about the gym recently, but I went twice last week and had two good intense sessions. I’m doing pretty well at making it to the gym before work. Since pushing myself to go to the gym more I’ve been going at least twice a week. I’ve managed one week so far where I went three times (Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings).

It’s not just making my gym membership worth paying for, it’s starting to make me feel better about myself. While progress is slow weight wise (I think I’m currently around 16.4 stone) and December will be a challenging month food wise (my birthday is on the 7th December and of course, it’s Christmas!), I’m not putting weight on at the moment by working out at the gym. It can feel like a lot of effort getting to the gym for 6:45am before work, but it’s worth it.


Happy reading and blogging!

Many thanks,

Clare Bear


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