Patience is a virtue

I’m not a very patient person. I like to get certain tasks done as soon as possible and achieve results quickly. One of those tasks happens to be losing body weight. I was hoping for a better reading on the scales this morning after what I consider a very good week fitness and food wise.

For the first time ever I went to the gym three times this week just gone. I mentioned already about Monday in my previous blog, when I did a high intensity workout on the treadmill and completed 5.21km in 40 minutes. I also went to the gym on Wednesday morning and Friday morning. My car was blocking my parents’ cars which is still working in getting me out of bed. It was tempting to stay in bed yesterday morning as my mum offered to move my car if I didn’t get up, but I resisted and got down to the gym.

Both Wednesday and Friday morning were spent on the cross trainer. I  only just realised this morning looking at both results something interesting. See if you can spot what I realised in the photos below.

Wednesday morning
Friday morning

On Wednesday I did a high intensity workout and completed 2km in 33 minutes and 36 seconds. The intensity levels varied between 5 and 15 (there are 25 levels on the cross trainer in total). On Friday I decided to try a different approach and kept up a high speed at intensity level 10 and completed 2km in 33 minutes and 24 seconds. The amount of calories burnt is only guidance and is based on your heart rate, age and body weight on the cardio equipment at the gym. I thought Wednesday’s workout would have meant more calories were burnt since the intensity levels varied.

I always aim for the same speed when working out on the cross trainer, between 120-128spm (which I think means spins per minute). Maybe it is because I workout at a similar speed that both results were very similar. Or maybe it’s because I don’t vary the intensity levels enough when I do a high intensity session. As a rule I work in levels of 5, starting at level 5, going up to 10, back to 5, back to 10 and then up to 15. I don’t very often go from 5 straight to 15 because it’s difficult to do. That’s what I need to do though; make my gym sessions even more intense by switching between easier levels straight to more intense ones. I often workout at levels in blocks of 5 minutes on the cross trainer, so I’ll probably need to vary that more and change the intensity levels more often, so that I really feel the burn on cardio workouts.

I’m proud of myself that I went to the gym 3 times this week. I also cut down on my food intake, snacking less at work and eating slower as well. I could definitely tell the difference this week when I started eating my food much slower than I normally do. I felt fuller quicker and for longer, plus you can really savour food when you eat it slower.

So when I weighed myself this morning after a really good week, I was hoping to have lost at shed 4 pounds; I only lost 2. Last week I weighed 16.6 stone; I weighed 16.4 stone first thing this morning. Obviously I’m pleased that I’ve lost a couple of pounds, but when you’re impatient like me, you would’ve hoped to have lost some more body weight.

It is important not to lose too much body weight in one go though, otherwise it’s more likely to come back on. Dieting and aiming to shed some body weight is a difficult process and requires determination and patience. I have been very determined this week and I must keep this up, as well as my patience. 2 pounds off is a good start.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


4 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue

  1. You can’t loose body weight with exercise alone. The secret is in eating. The amount of calories that one eats determine the bodyweight. This doesn’t mean at all dieting or eating little. I keep saying this to people but nobody listens. What can I do?


    • Thank you for your comment
      I know you can’t lose body weight just by exercise alone, it depends on what you eat as well
      I have been working on my diet as well in addition to exercise, as I had been eating too much food containing sugar and also eating more than I need to at work through snacking


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