Update #10

November… already?! That means it’s not long now until the end of 2016. When the New Year starts I intend to write a blog to summarise 2016, looking through all of my updates this year and seeing what I’ve managed to achieve.

October was a busy month. To start with, I completed 3 runs! On the 1st October I went with work colleagues to Kettering where we all participated in the Iron Run. It was 6km with obstacle courses and lots and lots of mud! It was also the first time that I ran two parkruns in one month, which were consecutive. I achieved my personal best at the most recent parkrun, finishing 5km in 32 minutes and 44 seconds. While the weather will start becoming cooler in the UK, I intend to continue with the parkruns; I’d like to join the 1o club soon!

October also would’ve been the month where I could’ve achieved one of my goals for 2016- run a half marathon. As many of you already know I decided against running the half marathon due to inadequate training. However, I am determined to run one next year. I will plan my training better and make sure that I’m in the right state and feel comfortable to run 21km!

I also got a hair cut towards the end of October (after almost 4 months!)

The day after the Iron Run, I went to Paris for a week with one of my close friends who I went to university with. In fact, it was a month today when we travelled to Paris and spent our first night enjoying a lovely meal and cocktails near the Moulin Rouge. Paris is truly a beautiful city with so much to see, do, eat and drink. This was my second visit to the French capital; I’d love to go back again in the future.

I decided to do some baking for a Halloween charity fundraiser day at work. I made some vanilla cupcakes and Oreo strawberry cheesecake cupcakes. I enjoyed making them, as well as dressing up as a devil for a good cause.

Despite October being busy it was quiet for me on the feminist front. The petition set up by Nicola Thorp to make it illegal for companies to require women to wear high heel shoes ends on the 6th November; I wonder if Parliament will set a date for debate by then.

Poetry wise, I went to Find The Right Words last Wednesday and was the speed poet. I managed to compile a poem together within 45 minutes based on 4 varying topics; the poem is called ‘Moving on up‘.  I have some fresh material that I’d like to perform at the next Find The Right Words in November.

I have quite a few events to look forward to in November, including two gigs, a concert which I’m singing in this weekend and charity fundraisers. I’d like to do at least two parkruns this month, or even three to reach the 10 club. I have a weekend to myself soon so it will be tempting to experiment and try making something new for dinner. I would also like to write a feminist blog about a contemporary issue; a lot has been happening recently, in particular news about the option of male contraception.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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