In action parkrun #6

Occasionally at the Braunstone parkrun there is a photographer present. Last time there was a photographer I posted the photos on here, which was back in August. There were two people taking photos yesterday at different points of the parkrun and I found two photos of me running. I look a bit gormless in both photos compared to the ones that were taken last time, but never mind! It’s the running that counts.


This first photo was taken at one of the most difficult parts of the Braunstone parkrun, where you have to go up a long steady slope. Most runners go for it and take it gently afterwards by doing, what I’ve heard it called, a recovery run. I was a bit naughty and decided to walk up the slope yesterday (I have jogged up it before).


This second photo was taken towards the end of the 5km course. This part is nice and flat but shortly after, there’s a slope up to the finish line which is steeper than the first one. I always go for a finishing run at the end and push myself to go at a fast pace across the finish line. Maybe I’ll give a cheeky wave to the photographer next time I see one at the parkrun!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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