Over 2 weeks dry/parkrun #6

I made it to the gym on Wednesday morning (19th October). I got straight out of bed as soon as my alarm went off and jumped into my working out attire at 6:30am. I did a 40 minute session on the cross trainer using the intense workout technique. I varied the intensity levels while trying to keep up the speed. I’ll admit, it felt a bit harder to keep up to the speed I normally go at.

Well, it had been over two weeks since I last went to the gym. You can certainly tell when you haven’t been to the gym for a while; I found it challenging to workout at the speed I’m accustomed to. I aim to go to the gym at least once a week and do the parkrun on a Saturday when I get the chance. The reason why I hadn’t been to the gym for a while was because I went to Paris for a week (I got exercise from lots of walking and climbing up/down steps!) and I have no excuse for the week after Paris, just that I found it hard to get up early that week. I won’t be missing out on the gym again for a while- I’ll make sure to get myself down there in the early morning next week!

2.34km in 40 minutes on the cross trainer

This morning was my sixth parkrun. I couldn’t believe the result when the email came through from the parkrun organisers. I came in 298th place out of 342 runners and completed the 5km course at Braunstone in 33 minutes and 41 seconds, which is exactly the same as my fourth parkrun! I guess that shows consistency in running, being able to finish the parkrun in exactly the same time as a previous run!

Only four more parkruns to do then I get to join the 10 Club. When you reach a milestone with the parkrun you receive a badge of honor and are recognised for achieving a number of runs. After completing 10 runs there’s the 50 Club, 100 Club, 250 Club and the 500 Club. Of course it takes a number of years to achieve many of these milestones since the parkrun only takes place on Saturdays. It would take me a few years just to reach the 50 club, since I don’t always have a Saturday morning free (or I’m too lazy to get out of bed!).

After the parkrun this morning

As you can see in the photo above, I wore my Iron Run t-shirt. It’s really good to wear for exercising because it has wicking properties. This means that sweat is absorbed in such a way that you can’t feel any damp patches to the extent that you can on a standard t-shirt with no wicking properties. Normally after a run my back feels damp with sweat but this morning, I couldn’t really tell. I definitely need to invest in more t-shirts like my Iron Run one. It’s also lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

On a side note, it can be annoying to drive back home after exercising. As soon as I get in my car the windows steam up so I have to put the fans on to get rid of the condensation! I found it quite amusing at first when I realised that this happens, but now it’s just annoying. On Wednesday morning it was cool outside and I was hot from a session at the gym; my car got really steamy! It reminds me of the time when I went out for a run and steam was coming off my back. I also end up with Tina Turner’s song ‘Steamy Windows’ in my head!

Steamy windows

Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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