Update #9

My ‘latest’ update so far, as in the latest I’ve posted one in the month (but it’s also my most recent post, so it works both ways). I was tempted not to bother with this update, but I have a Sunday evening free and fancied writing a blog.

So looking back at September… at first I thought it was a quiet month, but I was actually more active on my blog than I realised. Since finishing the era of being a student last year and working full-time since February this year, my weeks just seem to merge together and I sometimes forget what I’ve been up to. To be honest I can’t believe I’ve been in my first full-time graduate job for 8 months. I have no idea where all of those months have gone, but looking through my blog and social media reminds me of how much I’ve actually done and achieved this year (maybe I should get back into writing a diary).

Exercise wise I had ups and downs in September, from swinging through the trees at Go Ape with work colleagues to admitting to giving the half marathon a miss this year. Go Ape involved a lot more exercise than I thought, but it was great fun and an activity I’d consider doing again. One of my goals for this year was to run a half marathon this year but as many of you already know, my time management for exercise has been poor and if I was to run it next Sunday, I’d probably injure myself.

On the flip side I ran my fifth parkrun on the fourth Saturday of September, which I completed in 33 minutes and 31 seconds. Not my fastest time but 20 seconds off my personal best. I was going to do a parkrun yesterday, but I fancied a lie in and had an early start this morning. 9am is not that early really, but I hadn’t had a lie in for a while, which I enjoyed!

Food wise I wrote a couple of blogs last month. I actually experimented one evening and made some vegetarian marrow boats. There was a large marrow which needed using and I didn’t fancy making soup, so instead I made a veggie bolognese and stuffed it inside some marrow boats. After the parkrun I treated my mum to an afternoon tea, which was lovely.

Feminism wise I wrote an update for the high heel shoes in the workplace debate for Viral Feminism. I have been keeping an eye on this since the story of Nicola Thorp emerged on the news back in May. It has been very quiet for a long time, and no date has yet been confirmed by Parliament for them to consider a date for debate. I will continue to listen out for any developments.

I also wrote a new poem last month called ‘It’s an act of life’. I’ve been fed up with gender roles for a long long time, and decided to convey this annoyance through a poem where I portray all of us as puppets of gender. From the moment we are born everyone is labelled as a boy or a girl, and that label means we are expected to behave in particular ways. I’d like to perform this poem at some point, maybe at the next poetry night I go to.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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