A change of technique

I managed to get myself out of bed at 6:30 this morning and went down to the gym. I’ve been lazy towards going to the gym (the last time I went was two weeks ago!) however, I did walk to work and back home three times last week. The weather has been decent recently with the summer not being over yet, especially in the forecast for this week. I opt to walk to work if the weather is nice, if I don’t need to be back home in a rush after work and if I don’t get up early enough for the gym.

It was tempting to stay in bed this morning, but I’m so glad that I didn’t. I always feel better about myself after going to the gym. You’re probably wondering, if you find it difficult to get up early in the morning, why not go after work? Well, the gym I go to gets extremely busy after 5pm and there is a lot of traffic from work to the gym. It is nice and quiet at the gym and there’s very little traffic early in the morning. It also makes me feel ready for the day after a good workout.

For a change I decided to go on the treadmill. I’ve been opting for the cross trainer at the gym recently, because it’s a good workout for my legs and makes you work hard. However I fancied a change, not by just going on the treadmill, but also changing my exercise technique. I decided to do some intense running for 5km.

I started off at a steady pace to warm up, then I increased the speed to about 6km/h. After running at this speed for a few minutes, I increased the speed to 9.5km/h. After running at this pace for 2-3 minutes, I decreased the speed back to 6-6.5km/h. I kept on doing this for the entirety of the run, reaching a top speed of 10km/h and a slowest speed of 5km/h. Running like this really got my heart rate going by resting it and  speeding up again.

Stats on the treadmill

Taking a photo of the interface on the treadmill was difficult. If you click on Stop/Finish during the Cool Down phase, then the interface clears and you lose the statistics. So I had to take a photo while walking slowly, which makes it challenging to take a clear picture!

My average speed was 7.8km/h and I completed the 5km in 38 minutes and 41 seconds on a flat gradient. I wasn’t concerned about finishing the distance in my fastest time. It made a big difference to my workout by running like this. It felt like I had done more and I was sweating a lot at the end.

I’m planning on walking to work tomorrow as the weather is set to be nice and I would like to get down to the gym again. I feel accomplished and good about myself when I’ve started off my day at the gym, so I better get my ass out of bed more often!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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