Veggie marrow boats

A few weeks ago I picked up a giant marrow at church one Sunday morning.  Someone had left four marrows for people to help themselves too. I decided to take one because I thought about making some sort of marrow soup. No soup has been made yet, but tonight I used part of it to make, what I like to call, vegetarian bolognese marrow boats. There’s still plenty of marrow left so I’ll have to make some soup in the near future (now that autumn/winter is on the way).

That is what you call a marrow!

I’ve made various stuffed dishes before, such as stuffed peppers and sweet potatoes. I had never used marrow before until tonight to stuff food in. I cut off a big chunk from the left hand side of the marrow. After cutting the chunk in half, I scooped out the seeds and some of the marrow flesh.

The marrow boats

The marrow boats went into the oven for about 40 minutes on gas mark 4. While they were cooking, I made the vegetarian bolognese. There was some meat free mince still in the freezer from when I abstained from meat during lent, so I decided to use that as the stuffing for the boats.

Firstly I finely chopped two onions, two cloves of garlic and a red pepper. I gently cooked these together in a pan of oil until soft. I then added some fresh cherry tomatoes which were cut in half. I also poured in a can of chopped tomatoes and added a tablespoon of tomato puree. After cooking for about five minutes, I sprinkled in one teaspoon of oregano, thyme and a fresh finely chopped basil leaf. The final ingredient to go in was some roughly chopped mushrooms. I then left the bolognese simmering on a gentle heat for about half an hour.

Vegetarian bolognese

When the bolognese was done, I placed the mixture into each marrow boat and sprinkled some Red Leicester grated cheese on top. The marrow boats then went back in the oven for another 10 minutes to give them a melted golden cheese finish.

Marrow boats ready for the finishing touch

I served one marrow boat each with some carrots and new potato style chips, which were roasted in the oven. The flesh of the marrow was soft inside with the juices of the bolognese while the outer skin was a little bit crunchy. I quite enjoyed eating the marrow skin, but my dad wasn’t so keen and left the skin from his marrow boat. It made a nice change to have vegetarian bolognese; I think the last time I had it was probably during lent. It also made a nice change to have something different with bolognese, rather than pasta.

Hey presto!

There was quite a bit of vegetarian bolognese over, so I cooked up some pasta. My dad and I have both got some bolognese and pasta for our lunches at work tomorrow!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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