parkrun #4

It had been nearly two months since I last went to a parkrun, until I managed to run one this morning. My Saturdays can be quite busy sometimes and I was focusing on the 10km Race for Life after my last parkrun. However, I’m so glad that I went today because the vibe was fantastic, the weather was beautiful and I even bumped into someone I know.

I completed the 5km route at Braunstone Park this morning in 33 minutes and 41 seconds, not far off my personal best of 33 minutes and 11 seconds. I came in 345th place out of 410 runners. This was the busiest parkrun I’ve been to so far, which was really great to see. There were a few runners with their dogs, young children with their families and parents running with prams! According to Braunstone parkrun, there were 42 new timers today, which is absolutely fantastic.

My barcode which is scanned at the end of each race

After my barcode was scanned in order to log my result, I saw someone I know from the monthly poetry night Find The Right Words (you can find out more about this on my poetry blog Poclaretry). I haven’t really talked to anyone at my local parkrun yet as I can be quite shy around new people, especially when there are lots of them. Turns out the person I know through poetry runs with someone else I know from Find The Right Words, but they weren’t present today. I will look out for these two people next time I do the parkrun, but will also try talking to someone I don’t know.

5km is a nice distance to run first thing on a Saturday morning. I consider getting up at 8am during the weekend to be early, but it’s good to get out of bed and start the weekend off with feeling good about myself after going to the parkrun.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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