Update #7

Hello readers and fellow bloggers! Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been rather busy with various things, which you’ll find out about in this blog, which I can’t quite believe is Update #7!

While writing this blog I have been listening to George Ezra’s song ‘Barcelona’, a beautiful song which reflects the fascinating city. I came back from a short break to Spain earlier this afternoon and visited Barcelona for the day. I saw the breathtaking Sagrada Familia, a cathedral designed by Gaudi which is still being built (since 1882)! I also went for a walk down La Rambla, where quirky architecture adds to the aestheticism of Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is a city which I definitely need to go back to in the not too far distant future. I stayed in a resort with my family and a few friends called L’Ametlla de Mar, which is about 90 miles south of Barcelona. We all caught the train to Barcelona for the day, and spent the other days relaxing in the 30+ degree sunshine and swimming in the sea. I’ve caught the sun and feel relaxed after having gone through some difficult things recently.

I had some tasty food in Spain, mostly tapas. I love tapas, because everyone orders different dishes which you can all sample. I got to try cuttlefish and cod fritters one night, which were delicious. Squid legs, calamari and chicken croquettes were also on the menu, and were just as delicious. I also drank a lot of Damm Lemon (beer with lemon) and sangria!

Yummy tapas!

Shortly before going away, I received a marketing email for eBay, something which I’d normally ignore and delete. On this occasion, I decided to open it and as a result, I bought a vintage high waist swim suit. Some of you may remember that I mentioned about having a go at trying on a bikini after putting on my tankini, which got raveled up at the back. This happened when I was away on holiday last year, and this is what I looked like:

July 2015

This was on Sunday, when I first wore my new vintage high waist bikini:

August 2016

I felt fabulous! I’ve never worn a two piece swimsuit like this before. It certainly felt strange wearing a bikini top, but I got used to it and felt fantastic. Unfortunately I got a little bit sunburnt on my lower back and around my front as these areas are normally covered. Despite this, I never thought I would see the day where I’d be wearing a bikini. My family and friends said that they liked my new swimsuit and that it looked good on me. I’m feeling body positive!

After a holiday away, I’m trying to remember what I did last month. Last week I performed at a poetry night at another new location, a bar called the Font at De Monfort University. Overall it was a great success, and there was a feminist vibe which I absolutely loved! I wrote a post about the open mic on my poetry blog, which you can check out here.

I just had a quick scan through my main blog; now I remember what I did in July. I ran my second 10km Race for Life in 1 hour and 4 minutes. Again I enjoyed the experience and will probably do it again next year. Maybe I’ll reach my target of finishing the race in 1 hour next year, that’s plenty of time to train. I also raised £221 for Cancer Research UK, which I’m very pleased about. Thank you to everyone who sponsored me!

Last month I finished reading Laura Bates’ book Girl Up. It’s a brilliant guide book for young girls and women, something I wish I had during my childhood. Girl Up is a powerful testament to what women experience on a daily basis, with suggestions by Bates on how to tackle sexism and contribute towards the feminist aim of complete sex and gender equality.

This month I’m aiming to get on with more running, as I’ve got a few races coming up, and the half marathon in October! I haven’t done a parkrun for a while, so I’ll do that this Saturday morning. I’d like to have a go at running after work again some point soon; it felt great after an 8 hour day of sitting down most of the day.

So in general, I’m feeling great about myself. Even when things are tough I try not to let them get me down, and I just carry on with what we call life.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear 🙂


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