An unexpected form of exercise

Today I went paintballing for the first time with colleagues from work. This was an activity I had always wanted to try, but also felt apprehensive about. Getting covered in colourful paint sounded fun, but the pain from getting hit by a paintball was slightly off putting.


On arrival we all got into our kit, which were khaki overalls, a paintball proof vest to wear under the overall, a mask and a weird shaped container thingy to put the paintballs in. I was advised by many people to wear thick clothing, so I wore thick tracksuit bottoms, a 3/4 length top and a jacket underneath my overalls. I did have to take the jacket off later though because I was roasting later on.

Kitted up and ready to shoot!

After an all important prep talk, everyone was ready to get involved in some action! We were split into two teams by colour (black or red) and we competed against each other in several strategic games. You were either an attacker or defender in the games, and your aim was to get a piece of equipment to a certain base (as an attacker) or to prevent the opposing team from getting the item to the location (as a defender). If you were hit by a paintball, then you were knocked out.

I was planning on going for a run tomorrow afternoon however, paintballing turned out to be an unexpected form of exercise. My legs feel slightly sore from crouching down for long periods of time when I hid behind fences, old oil barrels and large tyres. I also did a bit of running to avoid enemy fire. I reckon that my legs will hurt more than the bruises I’ve got from being hit by paintballs.

It looks like an army camp

Being covered in colourful paint looks pretty cool on khaki overalls, but it does hurt when you are hit by a paintball. I was hit on my right knee, my right arm, one of my right fingers the left side of my head! Other people were hit a lot more by paintballs, mostly because they were brave enough to run out and advance in the enemy lines, while I stayed behind defence posts most of the time, attempting to protect the home base.

The only problem I had was being able to see out of the mask when I got really hot. There wasn’t much air circulation in the mask so after a few minutes, the goggles started steaming up. This made it difficult to see what was going on; at one point I ended up shooting someone on my own team!

I’ll admit, paintballing was fun today, and a good workout too, but I won’t be going again in a hurry. I wouldn’t mind trying it out elsewhere in the future, but I’ll give my legs and the rest of my body from bruises a rest.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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