Wake up call

I’ve been running for over a year now and have only just realised that there is a stopwatch on my iPod. When I go out running on my own I’ve used the clock on the top of my iPod as an estimate of how long it takes to run a distance. I guess that’s why I enjoy doing the parkruns, because you get an exact time of how long it takes you to run 5km.

Today I ran 10km in 59 minutes and 55 seconds! If I hadn’t used the stopwatch on my iPod, I would’ve said that I completed the 10km in 59 minutes. Last week I said that I ran 10km in 1 hour; it could’ve ranged from 1 hour and 10 seconds to 1 hour and 59 seconds. While the time differences are only small, it’s important for me to know the exact time because I’ve told people that I’m aiming to finish the Race for Life in 1 hour, which is two weeks today.

While I felt great after the run earlier this afternoon, I’ve had a sudden wake up call and it’s not good news. I tried to put on a pair of 3/4 length trousers because it’s a nice afternoon, but I couldn’t get them on around my waist. I normally slip trousers straight on without undoing the button and zip, so I unfastened the zip and button, but I couldn’t put the button through the hole on the waistband of the trousers.

I bought the trousers about two years ago when I had almost lost two stone. I managed to fit into the trousers for the summer last year, although they were a little tight. Now I can’t get into them at all. My tops and t-shirts which I wore last summer are still ok, but I dread to try on my other pairs of shorts which are fastened by a button.

I’ve not been checking my weight for a while and a visit to the doctor’s last week confirmed that I’ve let myself go weight wise. My body weight is at the heaviest it’s been for a while, which is 16.2 stone. The last time I checked my body weight I was 15.12 stone. This means that I’ve gained 4 pounds, which is actually not as bad as I thought my weight reading would be.

However, I can run 10km faster than I ever have so far. Last year I was over a stone lighter and did my first 10km Race for Life in 1 hour and 11 minutes. This year I am over a stone heavier but am aiming to complete the race in 1 hour. This proves that it doesn’t matter how heavy you are or how much body fat you have, you can still be fit.

The muscles in my upper thighs partly contribute to my overall body weight. They certainly feel more solid and slightly bigger than they were last year. The body fat that I’ve gained is mostly around my waist and lower back area. My rear has always been big, even after losing almost two stone, but I actually like having a large derriere- it makes me feel good about my body image.

Three months ago I wrote a blog called ‘My weight life’; the following passage is an excerpt from it:

“For most of my life I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my body and its weight. I’ve always been a large individual, and I’ve experienced what it’s like to be at different body weights, but now I’ve learnt just to love myself. I’m working on taking care of my body more, by opting for healthier options and working out more often. It may seem contradictory that I’m trying to lose body weight even though I love my body, but that is one of the reasons why I’m trying to lose some weight, because I love my body.”

Three months on I still feel the same. While I have learnt to love my body as it is, I do want to lose some body weight. I want get back to where I was two years ago- 13.12 stone! I want to fit back into those black 3/4 trousers and my other summer shorts. I don’t want my hard work from two years to go to waste.

That’s why I’ve decided to use my small decorative chalkboard in my bedroom as a weight tracker. I bought the chalkboard in March from a quirky bits and bobs shop called Tiger, and decided to use it as a message board in my room. It’s been blank for a while (I guess the novelty wore off), but I did have messages such as ‘Smile More :)’ and ‘Worry Less’ written on there.


Every morning when I wake up the chalkboard is in my line of sight, and it’s on one of my wardrobes which I open occasionally. I think having my recorded body weight on there will be a good motivator and a reminder that I’m aiming to lose body fat/weight. I will weigh myself every Saturday morning like I used to, first thing with no clothing on.

I’m off to Barcelona on 30th July, which is just over a month away. Therefore I believe that I can easily lose a stone in four weeks. The first stone is normally the easiest to lose and after that it starts to become more challenging. I’ve got the Race for Life in two weeks time so I’ll be aiming to do more exercise in the next two weeks which will help with the process. I know exactly what I need to do to lose this body fat; here’s to my ongoing journey of changing my body weight for the better.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


2 thoughts on “Wake up call

  1. I used to run five miles a day and I did loose some weight but it was an uphill struggle to keep going so I stopped. In the last couple of years I lost much more weight than ever in my life and got back to the weight of when I was twenty years old. I did it by eating a nutritious but low calories and almost zero sugar diet plus one to two hours of Tai chi daily. However keep going. If you enjoy running and you get results it’s all that matters.

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