It’s a confusing time to be alive

To anyone readers on my main blog who are interested in poetry, I wrote this poem last week at an open mic night called Find The Right Words (an explanation about the random topics in the poem are explained after the poem).


I finished my A levels today!

A feeling of exhilaration flowed

through me like the pouring

rain of a typical British summer.

I ran outside into the rain,

jumping up and down in the puddles,

stamping out the hate, cruelty

and discrimination which put me on

edge in the final days of my studies.

It’s a confusing time to be alive,

but I can breathe again and watch

good old Springwatch without

having my head crammed with notes

after notes after notes for exams

which are really tests of memory.

At least I can rely on Springwatch;

it never lets me down.

I can fully appreciate the hatching of

a new born chick, a rabbit

running through wild dew grass,

the beautiful wildlife and streams

and rivers which make up our country.

But it’s a confusing time to be alive.

Beauty isn’t the only thing that

flows through our land…

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One thought on “It’s a confusing time to be alive

  1. […] Poetry wise, June was an exciting month! I volunteered to be the Speed Poet at Find The Right Words on Wednesday 15th June. The Speed Poet writes a poem based on topics suggested by the audience during the first half of the evening (about an hour). I was nervous at first but once I started writing, the words just flowed and I managed to write a poem called ‘It’s a confusing time to be alive‘. […]


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