Parkrun #3

At 6 o’clock yesterday morning I heard the rain hammering down outside. I thought to myself: ‘Oh great! I want to go to the parkrun again but I’m not running in that!’ I was considering going to the gym instead, which I’ve not been to for two weeks (slaps myself on the wrist!) but by the time my alarm went off at 8am, the rain had stopped.

I went to Braustone Park again to participate in my third 5km parkrun at 9am yesterday. All of the runners were advised to be wary because of the amount of rain that fell. The paths were still wet and there were sodden leaves but as far as I know, no one fell over or injured themselves.

My third parkrun is my personal best so far! I ran the course in 33 minutes and 11 seconds and came in 308th place out of 372 runners. So I beat my previous time by almost one minute; I completed the Braunstone parkrun last Saturday in 34 minutes and 8 seconds.


Before we started running, some announcements were made by a volunteer. One of these announcements was that two runners were doing their 100th parkrun! Considering that the parkrun takes place every Saturday, it takes almost two years to complete 100 runs if you go every Saturday continuously.

That’s when I learnt about the clubs which exist within the parkrun. There’s the 10 club, 50 club, 100 club, 250 club and 500 club. These figures correspond to how many parkruns you have completed. So I need to do another 7 runs to join the 10 club, then my next milestone will be the 5o club. I have noticed people wearing parkrun t-shirts with numbers on the back. 50 club members wear a red t-shirt and 100 club members wear a black t-shirt. I had quick look on the parkrun website and only one person is a member of the 50o club, which takes over 9 1/2 years to do! It takes so long to achieve since parkruns only take place at 9am on Saturdays.

I’ve enjoyed the runs that I’ve done so far. It’s nice to run with lots of people as it’s motivating. It’s also enlightening to see people of all ages and fitness levels running. Volunteers are dotted around the course, encouraging you to run on by clapping and giving messages of determination. There’s another parkrun in Victoria Park in Leicester which I’d like to try one Saturday morning. This also happens to be the same location of the 10km Race for Life, which is now less than a month away!

If you’re thinking trying out running and you’re not sure of where to start, then I highly recommend the parkrun!


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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