Update #5

As mentioned in my previous post goals update #4, rather than writing a blog about my New Years resolutions, I will now write a quick round up of what’s happened each month. Most of what I write about will be related to feminism, fitness and food, but I like to include some other little aspects of my life as well.

Even though this write up is supposed to be about May, I have to mention what happened yesterday… my sister got married! The wedding took place at a lovely venue called Dovecliff Hall in Derbyshire. The weather was perfect all day long and my sister and her groom looked stunning. They both had a rock n roll theme wedding with the rugby team Leicester Tigers colours; red, green and white. There was bandeoke, which is karaoke with a live band in the evening. I don’t usually sing karaoke but I decided to give it a go. No matter how you sounded, it felt amazing to sing with a live band!

Dovecliff Hall

I was of course a bridesmaid along with three of my sister’s friends, many adorable flower girls and two young male ring bearers. I wore a pair of heels with a small kit heel, but I changed into flats after the formal ceremony and photographs. This is the first wedding I have attended where I was a bridesmaid- I really enjoyed it! I’m definitely up for being a bridesmaid again.

Me as a bridesmaid

Moving back to May, I went to Guernsey for the first time. I wrote a blog about my fitness and foodie experiences there, since I ran in my first ever parkrun in Guernsey and I tried some very tasty delicacies. Guernsey is a beautiful island which I’d love to visit again. Even though it is small, there are still some attractions I’d like to see, plus it would be cool to travel to some of the islands around Guernsey, such as Sark.

I recently went to London for a food and drinks festival at Alexandra Palace. This was a fun event as I got to try some Jamaican cuisine and meet up with university friends who I hadn’t seen my undergraduate graduation.

I wrote my third guest post for Viral Feminism called ‘What’s the big heel?‘ This post is about the recent news story in Britain concerning a woman, called Nicola Thorp, who was sent home for not wearing high heels to her place of work. The company Thorp was going to work for has now changed their dress policy so that women can wear smart flat shoes if they wish.

Thorp set up an online petition to make it illegal for a company to make women wear high heel shoes; it has received over 140,000 signatures. This means that Parliament will consider this for a debate, even though we have been waiting 26 days now for a debate date. I don’t know how long it takes for a date to be set, but I hope that this will happen in the very near future.

Keeping on the theme of feminism, I wrote a short poem called ‘Grow some balls’ while I was in Guernsey. I’m surprised that I wrote this poem while sitting in the sun on the beach, looking out at the sea with a cup of tea. The poem definitely doesn’t reflect the scene of where I was writing, but it was certainly an experience of writing, what I’d like to call, an outspoken poem. It highlights the sexism women face in contrast to men, unfortunately it’s also quite often on a daily basis,

May was quite a busy month and June is going to be fairly busy as well. I’ve got just over a month left until the Race of Life, so I’ll probably blog about my last month of training for the 10km route.


Happy reading and blogging!

Clare Bear


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